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FinancePal is a cloud-based account software package. It is suitable for small businesses, startups and medium-sized businesses. Many starting businesses will not have the financial capacity to have a dedicated financial and accounting resource to keep the business books and ensure the business is tax compliant. FinancePal comes in to perform those functions.

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FinancePal Review

FinancePal is a cloud-based account software package. It is suitable for small businesses, startups and medium-sized businesses. Many starting businesses will not have the financial capacity to have a dedicated financial and accounting resource to keep the business books and ensure the business is tax compliant. FinancePal comes in to perform those functions.

The software has several features that will enable you to carry out many financial functions such as bookkeeping, accounting, sales tax, online payroll, forming of entities and many others. FinancePal provides your business with a dedicated team of financial experts and accountants to keep your books and give you expert financial advice to help your business run efficiently.




FinancePal - Accounting Software Review

In Summary

FinancePal is an accounting software application package that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Most businesses this size will not have professional knowledge of accounting and will not have a full-time resource.

Automated software is an excellent option for accounting functions, and FinancePal has plenty of features to meet all your business needs satisfactorily. It is cloud based which makes it easy to access from any location you are in.

A Quick Look At FinancePal

Most Suitable For: Small and medium businesses, people looking for software that can carry out tax compliance and accounting services

Cost Scope: Every client gets a custom pricing plan based on their needs

Primary Elements: Bookkeeping, accounting, sales tax, online payroll, forming of entities

Apps: Desktop, mobile

Works With: Quickbooks, ADP, Gusto, T-Sheets, Bills.com, Hubdoc, bank accounts, among others

FinancePal Ease of Setup and Use

FinancePal is easy to set up and to get started, you send your contact information to the company, and a representative will reach out. You will then choose what plan you would like based on the price model, services you require. And once you are satisfied, you confirm your account. You will then answer a couple of questions, such as what type of business you have, your customers, and your employees.

All this information helps to provide the most valuable services for your business. After you are signed up, you will get an accounting team who will be assigned to work on your business's finances. The team will work on the financial requirements such as payroll and taxes and provide value adds such as insights on your financial practices daily and monthly. These insights can help you improve your business and see better returns.

With FinancePal, the accounting team does most of the work, but you can access your accounts anytime and easily upload documents, send invoices, and evaluate reports. The online dashboard enables you to view your finances clearly and in a simple format which makes it easy to interpret.

FinancePal Costs And Plans

FinancePal tailor makes plans to fit each customer's business needs, which makes their cost structure very flexible. You also pay for only the services you need and will use. You can pay for the services in different ways, such as a monthly fee which is one standard fee or an annual fee or pay a tailor-made price based on your business needs.

Using FinancePal is cost-effective for a business because it is cheaper to use the software than having a resource that you are paying for, for the same. The dedicated team also helps manage your finances which is a definite bonus.

Features And Elements of FinancePal

One of the most significant advantages of FinancePal is the dedicated team assigned to work on your finances which is aware of your business finances and can answer questions and offer advice and solutions. You also get professionals and experts handling your finances.

There are some great features in the app, such as:

General Ledger and Expense Tracking

FinancePal enables you to track your expenses using the mobile receipt service. You can also balance your ledgers and manage your everyday business finances.

Billing and Invoicing

With FinancePal, you have access to a payroll service to bill your customers online. You can design it to invoice weekly, twice weekly, monthly or any other period based on what your business needs. The software will also alert you of issues that may arise or risks that you can quickly attend to.

Bookkeeping services

FinancePal has various bookkeeping services, for instance, income statement preparation, transaction recording and balance sheet preparation. You can also access accounting services, which takes the bookkeeping information of your business and combines it for you, analyzes all of it and creates a strategy that will help you form better business decisions for greater profitability and efficiency. Your dedicated team of professional accountants also give you the best advice to grow your business.

Tax consulting and management

FinancePal will carry out tax preparations on a small scale that greatly help you remain compliant when filing your taxes. The tax services include quarterly payroll tax returns, W-2s, checking account reports, 1099s, annual income tax, and other tax form preparation. The tax services also include evaluating your liability for sales and use of taxes, compliance with all government taxes and laws and Ecommerce tax obligations.


FinancePal enables you to use e-signature on the mobile app. It makes it easy to append the signatures and send information without security risks.

Other Apps FinancePal Works With

FinancePal enables you to access other apps to make your accounting functions as smooth as possible. The apps that FinancePal has partnered with include project management software, point of sale systems, and Ecommerce platforms. Some of the software that FinancePal is compatible with and works well with include:

  • Quickbooks
  • T-SheetsGusto
  • ADP
  • Hubdoc
  • Bills.com

And so many other apps. FinancePal also merges with your business bank accounts. This saves you time since you do not have to enter data manually, you do not have to look for information, or keep updating already updated data, or have to move from one software to another to have your financial functions completed. It is very efficient software.

FinancePal Mobile Apps

You can use FinancePal on Android and iOS devices because it has a mobile app. It is convenient since you can access the entire dashboard from wherever you may. The mobile app is easy to use on the phone, and once you log onto the app, the mobile app and desktop app are identical. You can access all actions even when you are on the move.

FinancePal Customer Service

FinancePal has customer service that is available 24/7, which is convenient. It is based in the US, and you can access help via live chat, phone calls or email. The website has a handy FAQ section and a blog that details the services. This is very convenient during the tax season or any other time you need help.

Last Word

FinancePal provides excellent solutions for small businesses that don't have the resources to handle their finances in-house. A dedicated team of professional experts in finance and accounting services will keep your business books, such as tax compliance, payroll services, and general bookkeeping.

FinancePal offers tailored pricing, and any business of different sizes can access the services and increase their finance efficiency.