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Best 8 Background Check Services

Whether it's out of curiosity or for the sake of your safety, background checks can come in handy. There are plenty of reasons you should carry checks, and there are many companies that you can use for the search. The cost of background checks varies from company to company, including confidentiality, reliability, convenience, and speed. There are a plethora of options, from high-end to cheap background checkers. Your goal is to get value for your money. Keep reading to find out the background check provider who suits you the most.

Last Updated April 2023

Been Verified banner
  • Best for - searching general public records
  • Pricing - monthly rates start from $17.48
  • Reports offered - phone searches criminal records+

Being verified is a service that is best for several functions like phone number search, criminal searches, email searches, public records, and background reports. It offers both professional and self-monitoring data services. So it gives you assurance of your bases being secure. The company provides a good way of accessing public records quickly and affordably.

It has two pricing plans a one-month plan and a 3-month membership plan. The three-month deal nets you unlimited access to records and reports for $20 or less.

The check service looks at millions of data to locate pertinent information relevant to the criteria you are seeking. It scours social media profiles, assets, and photographs. You can also use it to conduct a background check on yourself. Key in your details and see what information will pop up.

Being verified is legitimate. The information it gathers is accessible and available to the public. Anybody can use it to gain knowledge. The service provides an easy and comprehensive report on the individual you are scouring. The information is an upgrade of what you can gather by yourself.



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Check People banner
  • Best for - screening numbers, criminal records searches
  • Pricing - monthly rates from $17.16
  • Reports offered - criminal records, public records+

Check people is best for background checks on criminal records like mugshots, prosecutions, and arrests. It also provides critical information, including prior and current addresses, divorce and marriage reports, family and friends, and close and distant relatives. If you are trying to confirm a person's identity, you can search through the various aliases on the website. You can browse through social media accounts too.

The background checks service offers reasonable monthly rates starting from $27.65, and you get unlimited people searches for that amount. If you are a savvy user looking for a discount, the two months' deal will only offset you $22.97 monthly. Check people are confidential, and the person you are searching for will not know that they are under the scope.

The site employs its algorithm to dive deep online in search of online content and public databases. It is easy to use all you need is to punch in the first or last name of the guy you are looking for on the background search bar, and many profiles will show up.



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Instant Checkmate banner
  • Best for - discount trials
  • Pricing - starts at $27.82 per month
  • Reports offered - sex offender database, criminal records

Are you mulling over what your favorite YouTube star or Instagram influencer is doing? Do you need information on that crush you want to take on a date or maybe see whether your son's latest girlfriend comes from a Christian family? Look no further Instant Checkmate has all the answers to your questions.

The site is best for reverse email search, people search, background search, reverse phone lookup, and criminal records. It offers you three types of reports, namely email reports, standard reports, and premium reports.

Instant Checkmate offers both monthly and 3-months subscription plans. Both membership plans boast an unlimited reports offer. A month's access will cost you $ 34.78, while a 3-months pass costs $27.82 monthly.

Whether you are on a mission to find a person's intentions about you or track someone, Instant Checkmate is the tool you will love to have. The site also offers entertainment and education through its blogs. In some instances, the site may be slow to churn out reports, but it makes up for this by providing quality reports.



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Intelius banner
  • Best for - good first month offer
  • Pricing - starts from $14.95 each month
  • Reports offered - criminal records, background checks+

Intelius is best for collecting in-depth background information from the internet. Each search type comes in a simple, easy-to-learn language. You cannot go wrong with Intelius as it offers you flexibility and tailored searches.

The site offers a host of pricing options. There are two main ones a discounted monthly plan and a regular monthly membership plan. For the discounted membership, you will fork out $39.95, while for the normal, you will cough up $49.95.

The company gathers data that is north of the 20 billion mark. It updates the information daily, providing you with the latest news when you search. If you are looking for a powerful and flexible background checks service, Intelius is your answer.



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People Finders banner
  • Best for - seeking long lost people
  • Pricing - starts at $4.95 per month
  • Reports offered - criminal checks, background checks+

People Finders is a veteran in the background check business. The company has been in the industry for more than 20 years. It features more than 10 billion records which you can comb through. The site is best for reverse phone number lookups, people searches, criminal reports, and background searches.

It has excellent software that allows you to trace people using their genealogical history. The feature will enable you to get relatives of the person you are looking for as a bonus. You can use it to trace your roots and find relatives that you have never met.

The company has several payment plans ranging from one month to six months' membership. A month access costs $19.95, 3 months' cost $12.95, while a six-month program will cost $9.95 monthly.



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ID True banner
  • Best for - quick results
  • Pricing - $9.95 monthly
  • Reports offered - sex offender status, current location+

ID True is best if you want to take control of your profile or seek more information on suspect people in your life. It offers you a quick and seamless way of unearthing information. You will be able to access criminal records, hidden social media accounts, sex offender status, and arrests of people of interest. During the first month, you will pay $9.95, and you will have to pay $38.95 for the subsequent months.

The site is fast as it delivers results in less than a minute. It is faster than other background checks companies. You can launch a manual search using your target's last name or make a full-blown background check. ID True gives new members a welcome discount. You will only pay a quarter of the total subscription.



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People Looker banner
  • Best for - extensive reporting, user friendliness
  • Pricing - monthly rates start at $14.62
  • Reports offered - known relatives, property records

People Looker has many uses. If you are looking for a long-lost relative or friend, this is the best place to start your search. It is also great for scouring background checks on potential love interests and prospective tenants.

You can also use the site to locate information on specific properties that have drawn your interest. The site will help you know the number of tenants, previous and current owners, and the realtors who handle the property.

The site offers a 7-day trial for only $1. You can sign up for the one or three months' user plan. Both plans enjoy the same features. The 3 months' option carries a 30% discount if you pay the fee upfront. $18.28 is the fee for a month's subscription; the discounted option costs $14.62.

People Looker is ideal for newbies because of its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. It has a beautiful interface that enhances your user experience.



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