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Being verified is a service that is best for several functions like phone number search, criminal searches, email searches, public records, and background reports. It offers both professional and self-monitoring data services. So it gives you assurance of your bases being secure. The company provides a good way of accessing public records quickly and affordably.

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Been Verified Review

Being verified is a service that is best for several functions like phone number search, criminal searches, email searches, public records, and background reports. It offers both professional and self-monitoring data services. So it gives you assurance of your bases being secure. The company provides a good way of accessing public records quickly and affordably.

It has two pricing plans a one-month plan and a 3-month membership plan. The three-month deal nets you unlimited access to records and reports for $20 or less.

The check service looks at millions of data to locate pertinent information relevant to the criteria you are seeking. It scours social media profiles, assets, and photographs. You can also use it to conduct a background check on yourself. Key in your details and see what information will pop up.

Being verified is legitimate. The information it gathers is accessible and available to the public. Anybody can use it to gain knowledge. The service provides an easy and comprehensive report on the individual you are scouring. The information is an upgrade of what you can gather by yourself.



Been Verified

In Summary

BeenVerified is a background check service that offers multiple reports on the reports and contact information like phone numbers. You can access professionally monitored services or self-monitored services. It is convenient for accessing public records. Some of the benefits of the service include a wide database of records and information, and you can carry out self-monitored background reports.

Works Best For:

  • People who need to carry out background checks son others, for example, employers
  • Those who want to monitor personal accounts
  • If you would like detailed reports on your public documentation

Reports Offered On BeenVerified

  • Searches on people
  • Background searches on other people
  • Criminal documentation for other people
  • Reverse phone search for calls that come to your phone
  • Reverse email search
  • Reverse property search

BeenVerified Legality

BeenVerified is legally authorized, and it is not illegal to access public records using the company. The reason is that the company uses information on the public record, and anyone who searches for information can access it. The tricky part for most people is learning how to do it, and the technique is what you pay for on BeenVerified.

Because the information is public, some concerns have been raised about the legality of the services. It is easier to pay BeenVerified because of the convenience, and the report you will get on the searches carried out will be comprehensive.

How BeenVerified Works

BeenVerified gathers information from the internet by crawling, going through publicly available information, and sifting through plenty of data to only get relevant information. That relevant information comes in a simple-to-digest report.

The information comes from many different sources, such as federal records. Other public records such as state records and commercial records are other sources where data is derived. For example, magazine subscriptions, store cards, and property deeds, among so many others.

BeenVerified can also get data from social media network activity, blog posts, and searches. BeenVerified can access plenty of data points, like criminal data, property information, phone, contact, and personal information. However, customers do not know how often BeenVerified updates its databases.

They tell their customers that they do it often. There is an alert that you can set up which notifies you of any data changes after you run a search and get the results. The alert will help you keep track of updated results.

What does BeenVerified Monitor

BeenVerified keeps track of an expansive information database and gives its customers access to it. It has billions of public data points within its network which means that the information it has access to is huge. According to their website, some of the elements you can get include information:

  • Education history
  • All kinds of contact information, including email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and others.
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic violations
  • Personal and Business-related licenses
  • Professional history and employment records
  • Court records
  • Deeds such as mortgage, property, and other kinds
  • Social media accounts and social media platforms are active on
  • Blogs
  • Online photos

How Easy Is It to Use?

BeenVerified is very easy to use. It does not need any expertise to get the information you need. Getting information from public data can be taxing even though it is readily available. With BeenVerified, you can get detailed reports with important information that is most relevant to you.

The report is easy to read and digest. It saves you time since you will not have to scour through a lot of data to get what you need. The report makes it easy for you. One feature that makes BeenVerified very beneficial is that it saves past reports that you have run. With this, you do not have to generate a new report but can refer to a previous search report and get the information you are looking for.

BeenVerified will also alert you when an update of your data is updated to your account. It also serves as a security feature because you will receive alerts if access or changes to your reports. BeenVerified also has a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use for background search services and most mobile devices.


The cost of using BeenVerified comes in two clear plans: a one-month membership or three-month membership. The one-month membership is best if you need a single report and costs $22.86 per month, where you get unlimited searches for the items you are searching for. The three-month membership costs $14.86 per month, and you get unlimited access to reports and records of items you need data on for both plans. If you need to add people to your plan, there is no additional charge.

Customer Care Support

BeenVerified support is available most of the time. Phone customer care is from 6 am to 11:30 pm ET, while live customer support is on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 10 pm ET, and Sunday and Saturday 10 am to 8 pm ET. Email support is available via an online contact form on the website.

In Conclusion

BeenVerified will send you detailed reports which have broken down information which makes them easy to understand. The report is easy to navigate with a table of contents on the left of the report, technical terms, explanations of complex terms and words, and the context in which they appear. You also have access to unlimited information in the report, which is very comprehensive for both plans.

BeenVerified Background

The company, started by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen in 2007, has a mission to help everyone have easy and affordable access to public records. This has been achieved with the reports that are shared with customers that are easy to understand.

Today it handles more than ten million users and handles a staggering 38 million searches every month. In 2013, it was voted the fastest growing company in New York City and the 26th fastest growing company in the US by Inc Magazine, one of the leading business and business magazines globally.

Contact Details

  • Phone contact: 1-855-904-6469-
  • Website: https://www.beenverified.com/