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Most businesses are now in the recovery phase, following the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, these businesses desperately need capital boosts for smooth operations. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a business loan, we have you covered. Considering all the financing options available today, comparing and arriving at the right business loan can be overwhelming. You can choose to go to traditional lenders like banks and credit unions for great deals, or you can borrow from online lenders for lower loan requirements. You get to decide which online lender gives the best policy in terms of loan terms, lines of credit, microloans, invoice financing and more.

Last Updated April 2023

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  • Best for - Fast funding, SBA loans, lines of credit, unsecured business loans, equipment funding, merchant cash advances
  • Early funding - 24 hours

Biz2credit is an excellent choice if you want an online market place that can help you get fast funding and don’t want to give a security. Biz2credit is not an actual business loan lender. The company uses a proprietary platform to get you the right funding source. Biz2credit boasts a fast process that allows businesses to register and get approvals in minutes. You also get funding the in under 24 hours.

Biz2credit is available to all models of small businesses and asks for minimum qualifications, low interest rates. They also charge low fees, but it varies with the loan lender you choose.



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BlueVine banner
  • Best for - Invoice factoring and lines of credit
  • Interest rates - 0.25% per week
  • Loan estimates - Loan amounts up to $5 million
  • Funding period - Same day
  • Credit score - 530
  • Funding - Funding as fast as same day
  • Min revenue - $10,000 per month
  • Min time in operation - 3 months or more

BlueVine is a financial tech company that provides business checks, loans and invoice factoring for small businesses. Bear in mind that BlueVine isn’t a bank. Moreover, the company’s attractive invoice factoring service can improve your business credit limits by giving you 85-90% funds upfront.

BlueVine gives its customers a whopping 5 million USD for invoice factoring with a 0.25% interest rate per week. However, you have to meet its minimum qualifications, including three months or more business operations, B2B model, 530 FICO score and at least $10,000 monthly revenue.



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Uplyft  banner
  • Best for - business with bad credit
  • Interest rates - start at 4.66%
  • Loan amount - $ 1,000 to $ 250,000
  • Funding period - same day
  • Credit score - as low as 450
  • Min revenue - $ 8,000
  • Min time in operation - 12 months

Uplyft funds businesses of all kinds; they don’t require you to have a perfect score. You can get approved online in minutes and get funding the same day. They have user-friendly account management software. You can access it through any device. Their loan terms run from 3 months to seven years.

They don't ask for asset collateral, and you can keep taking funds until your limit is reached. Funds are deposited directly into your account after requesting. You should access your loan portal frequently to see when you are eligible for more money. Many small businesses have benefited from their platform. They have business funding blogs that can be helpful for a start-up.



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OppLoans banner
  • Best For - Personal loans
  • Minimum Credit Score - None
  • Loan Amount - $500- $4000
  • Rating - 3/5

OppLoans are great for borrowers who are strapped for time but still need to make a purchase or cope with an unexpected financial requirement. It is a customer-friendly alternative for high-interest payday loans and cash advances that may help people with poor credit get the money they need. However, no matter your credit score, you should still anticipate interest rates greater than those for personal loans.

OppLoans publishes your payments to all three credit agencies, unlike payday or title lending providers. Your credit score will rise if you have a positive payment history. In the long run, this may improve your chances of being approved for a personal loan with a more favorable interest rate. OppLoans have a maximum payback period of two years. Lenders often choose the due date for payments, although borrowers have the option of requesting a different date if necessary.



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Fundera banner
  • Best for - quick small business loans
  • Interest rates - 7% - 30%
  • Loan amount - $ 2,500 – 600,000
  • Approval time - 1 day – 3 weeks
  • Credit score - 680
  • Min revenue - annual revenue of $ 200,000 or higher
  • Min time in operation - 3 years

Fundera has helped over 85,000 small businesses across the US. The online company has been in existence for over six years. They offer a wide variety of loans for different types of businesses. But that means the eligibility requirements also differ. You will be looking at quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily payments depending on the type of loan you take. They are not lenders per se; they help you find the best lender for your business.

They have comparison technologies to help you make better business financial decisions. For you to qualify for a loan, your business needs a 680 credit score. It's a bit higher than other competitors require, but they offer some of the best services. You will get invaluable financial advice, tools, information, and insight. Their high standard and strict criteria of choosing lenders will benefit you. You can rest assured your business will be getting funds from a legit lender.



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