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Best DNA Testing Kits

It's great to know that with saliva, we can be able to trace our ancestry. Home kits provided by various companies have lowered the burden of cost, and almost everyone can afford it. Although the price might be down now, it still puzzles a significant number of people, and that's why in this article, we have emphasized kits that can help you do inform research.

Last Updated May 2024

AncestryDNA banner
  • Price Per kit - $59 down from $99
  • Results In - 6 to 8 weeks
  • Best for - access to a global database

AncestryDNA was started in 2012, and since then, it has risen to one of the biggest brands in the DNA testing industry. They have a vast database of over 10 million users, making it easier to locate a lost relative. They can trace the migration route of your family since it covers over 500 regions in the world. AncestryDNA offers one a chance to buy membership of archival records with that you can be able to achieve billions of records across the globe.



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MyHeritage DNA banner
  • Best For - Comprehensive DNA testing services
  • Rating - 4.5/5

You may benefit from MyHeritage DNA's comprehensive DNA testing services if you seek detailed insights into your ancestry, health, and genealogy. This DNA testing company offers a wide range of testing options, providing detailed reports on ethnicity estimates, DNA matches, and health insights.

MyHeritage DNA utilizes advanced DNA matching algorithms to accurately connect individuals with their relatives, offering user-friendly online tools for exploring and understanding DNA results. Additionally, users gain access to a vast database of historical records, enhancing genealogical research opportunities.



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Vitagene banner
  • Price Per kit - $89
  • Results In - 4 to 6 weeks
  • Best for - health screening

Vitagene plays a vital role since it is more than just a DNA test since it provides health screening and a plan under which you can buy supplements monthly. For that reason set apart from the DNA testing industry.

It shows 25 regions globally in its ancestry report. Although 25 areas seem too small, it can document it well in a breakdown of percentages. The health sectors try to explain the exercises you are required to take to achieve a particular DNA. It’s able to perform other functions like analyzing how your body deals with alcohol and lactose.

Vitagene offers you a plan on how to use supplements based on your DNA. Although there isn’t an ancestry-only report, the cost of ancestry and health report is the same as charged by other companies.



Vitagene logo
LetsGetChecked banner
  • Price per kit - $99-$299
  • Results in - 2-5days
  • Best for - Discrete health screenings

LetsGetChecked is a company that is not involved in DNA testing. They are engaged in offering kits to patients who can access the hospital for some reason. There are many tests they partake and include kidney, hormones tests, cholesterol, and STDs. Those without insurance seem to enjoy this program since your body can be tested for many diseases.

The test is run in four stages wellness, sexual health, women test, and men test. Within these groups, they all use different kits, but the doctors have analyzed them in the lab to ensure they can detect if you have the disease.



LetsGetChecked logo
Futura Genetics banner
  • Price per kit - $375
  • Results in - about four weeks
  • Best for - controlling your health

Future Genetics is a company located in Vancouver. It analyzes DNA profiling in its lab to have data of every person and whether they can be affected by the 28 most occurring diseases.

Those who wish to know their health state can use Fatura Genetics state of arts to see if they have a risk concern. They have developed studies to check the possibility of those diseases attacking your body over time.



Futura Genetics logo
GPSorigins banner
  • Price per kit - $199
  • Results in - 4-6weeks
  • Best for - Mapping out your roots

GPS Origins offers to map your DNA and that of your family for more than 900 regions globally. Most companies cannot promise you that because it's a very doubting task. The DNA test does not deal with health concerns, but GPS Origin can help you check your weight, thus staying fit.

They test your DNA to develop a clear identity of your migration path over time through the autosomal marker. They can be able to tell your history for hundreds of years. The results are kept to be very cool to read since they are color mopped, and the result is included.



GPSorigins logo
23andMe banner
  • Price per kit - $99-$199
  • Results in - 3-5weeks
  • Best for - Insight into your quirks and traits

This company ensures that they do good background information about you and where you come from. They are keen to elaborate on what you are going to encounter along the journey.

23andMe is among the few companies that will focus on your health and your family's history to know the kind of diseases that can affect you. They perform an actual test that can identify whether you will enjoy salt or sugar. Their intensive test will also show whether you have a genetic problem. If you choose the ancestry test, you will be shown the migration path and the percentage of your family in the entire population.



23andMe logo
LivingDNA banner
  • Price per kit - $89
  • Results In - 4- 6 weeks
  • Best for - Next level accuracy

All the DNA testing companies use technology and scientific knowledge how but LivingDNA takes a notch higher. The company bases its research beyond the family line ancestry, called autosomal DNA, and provides you with the maternal line. For male species, the test can check the paternal line of the family. This is the extensive information you won’t find in their competitors, which adds one's insight. Although intensive, there are also shortcomings since it's expensive and results seem to take a bit longer up to 12 weeks.

LivingDNa test results cover ten generations and 80 different regions globally to get accurate data about your family. They provide a map called Your Ancestry through History, which shows and elaborates their migration route over time.



LivingDNA logo
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