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You may benefit from MyHeritage DNA's comprehensive DNA testing services if you seek detailed insights into your ancestry, health, and genealogy. This DNA testing company offers a wide range of testing options, providing detailed reports on ethnicity estimates, DNA matches, and health insights.

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MyHeritage DNA Review

You may benefit from MyHeritage DNA's comprehensive DNA testing services if you seek detailed insights into your ancestry, health, and genealogy. This DNA testing company offers a wide range of testing options, providing detailed reports on ethnicity estimates, DNA matches, and health insights.

MyHeritage DNA utilizes advanced DNA matching algorithms to accurately connect individuals with their relatives, offering user-friendly online tools for exploring and understanding DNA results. Additionally, users gain access to a vast database of historical records, enhancing genealogical research opportunities.



MyHeritage DNA

Genealogy research and testing are used in both formal science and inquiry. If you want to know about your ancestry or paternity, this is the best way to resolve your concerns. MyHeritage gives its customers cutting-edge technology for DNA testing and building your family tree. The company provides services that are leading in the industry. You get a simple kit packed with resources and information to build on research and resolve issues in families. You will be enlightened by the humorous, insightful, and even surprising knowledge from the service.

Ideal For

  • Those who are interested in learning more about ethnicity and ancestral heritage.
  • Finding relatives and long-lost members in the family.
  • Building a genealogy table or family tree.
  • Parents fathers for paternity to resolve custody issues.

What’s in The Box

The kit is a package that has all you want and guidance on use. You will find a manual with these details and an activation code for registering and logging into their website. The other things in the DNA test are two sealed swabs and vials. There is a clear plastic container that you will use to place the vials. Ultimately, you get an envelope for packaging and postage.


MyHeritage gives perhaps the lowest cost mark in its market. The price for a DNA test with free shipping for two kits is $59. The regular price that you will get for the service is $79. MyHeritage will take care of shipping and handling until you receive your results.

DNA Testing KIT

You will log to their site and register with information about the tests needed.

Once you have done the tests, you will post the vials through the attached envelope and wait for their communication. You need the same site to check once the result is ready.

How MyHeritage Compares


The company gives its service for $59 and uses the saliva swab. My Heritage uses a cheek swab. Ancestry will have your results ready in six to eight weeks, two times longer than the three to four weeks at MyHeritage. Both use atDNA in their test.


LivingDNA will cost you $99 for a test through a similar cheek swab. You will have the results in three to four weeks. However, they have different types of testing that include atDNA, mtDNA, and DNA.

How Do I Take the Testing Kit?

You will take your test in easy steps, beginning by ordering online. Once your order is placed, MyHeritage will mail the box with the test kit. Once you are done, the kit also has a code for logging to the site.

Next, you have to prepare for the procedure. Your test is best when you have not eaten anything for at least half an hour. Place your swab in the check and let it rest for about one minute. Your swab is done, and you can now place it in the vial and seal it well, waiting for shipping.

Once you are done, go on and register the details online with your mail and contact. You will receive a message once the test results are ready. The kit comes with a unique number at the bottom that you can use to track and check when the results are ready.

Once the results are ready, you will have to make time to go physically and collect them from the MyHeritage.

What You’ll Find Out?

MyHeritage gives you the best service for genetic research and genealogy testing. You can use the details to build a comprehensive family tree at rates like none other in the industry. You can expect to have your results in three weeks up to four. The results are comprehensive, with an ethnic breakdown that has points for all the important regions.

MyHeritage presents the information to include a opening part and ethnic estimate. Fun animation and music accentuate your nearest ethnic group when you check, gathered from your findings. The sequence is suspenseful so that you await your genealogy.

While the DNA result is in itself illuminating, Myheritage gives even more on top. Once you take your test, the company combines your information and runs it through a deep database with other information that they already have with them. They will then bring you documents and archived information to help you piece together the patches and resolve the puzzle.

There are new features that the company has now given for DNA matching. The matching feature lets you look at the other persons on the database whose genetic details may closely relate to yours. You can find distant cousins and others with a determination on how you match.

You do not need a DNA test to use the other features for connection on MyHeritage. You can put the information you have on their site and use it the same way you would when you have their results. Here, you are getting unmatched accuracy, more matches, and specific estimates on relationships that focus on your research.

Paternity Testing

While MyHeritage was not for this service, you can still get what you need. You need the two swabs for the alleged father and child. Once you have the results, you can upload them on the site and quickly establish the connection. The evidence you get is a show of paternity.

Report Features

  • You will get a report on ethnicity, ancestry, including the actual areas. These are regions and groupings in most countries across Europe.
  • Additionally, you also get in the report details about the relatives that match with your DNA details.
  • Further, MyHeritage has a complete data detail to download and use with other sites.

Family Tree Builder Feature

MyHeritage is the most comprehensive database with millions of details on the site. The numbers have proven helpful for those that want to build a family tree and establish a complete genealogy. There is a chance that you will also find the relative you are looking for by going through the details on the site.

When you are using the website, you get powerful software for building a family tree. The technology on the site is inclusive and accommodates many languages. There are innovative features that bring gone history, records and ancestral maps going back many years. The security and pairing capabilities on the site are also rated, with compatible options that can let you build your secure point to view the details.

You get all these at an affordable tag at a price of between $89 and $199. The plans give perfect functionality and money back if you happen to dislike the service.

Customer Support

If you have any issues while using the service, MyHeritage has a reputation for reliability. You will get a quick and complete response with follow-ups on your experience. There is a toll-free number that customers can use across locations and an active presence across social media. The sites have multimedia demonstrations on how the site works and the right away to find help.


MyHeritage is the place to go for a detailed breakdown of genetic information, heritage and history, and a breakdown of your ethnic belonging. There is more than your DNA information alone when you are here for this need. The firm opens you to a rich database of genealogy that you can use to build a family tree and resolve mysteries in your lineage.

Here, we have science and research from the archives straight to the consumer. The millions in our database testify of this and you will be joining the lot.