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Top 5 EMR Providers

Electronic medical records are easy to handle and very efficient. You won’t be spending much time trying to figure out patient papers. Digitalizing health records is the way to go. Here are five EMRs you should be aware of.

Last Updated June 2024

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  • Best for - speech-to-text dictation
  • Price - customized
  • Free trial - no free trial

AthenaHealth can help you document more efficiently. The cloud-based healthcare management tools will ensure your information is securely backed up. It s one of the few established websites that can handle large volumes of data.



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Cerner banner
  • Best for - real-time access
  • Price - personalized pricing
  • Free trial - no free trial

Cerner has an integrated database with a unique set of capabilities. It helps large organizations of up to 100 physicians. It combines all the critical components of running a healthcare establishment. There is no struggle to access data; everything is readily available.



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EpicCare banner
  • Best for - community connect
  • Price - customized pricing
  • Free trial - no free trial

EpicCare provides dedicated modules for behavioral therapy, anesthesia, dental, fertility, and dialysis, among other things. The software is loaded with advanced tools, including AI analytics, that can make help you run the practice better. Data management will be easy with their continued help.



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Dr Chrono banner
  • Best for - practices of all sizes
  • Price - customized quotes
  • Free trial - 30 days free

If you are looking for an award-winning EMR software, try DrChrono. They help thousands of healthcare professionals manage patient information. You can capture all the data from the first engagement with patients. They have everything in one place, including billing and management tools. Whether you have a web application or an iPad, it's easy to use.



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Advancedmd banner
  • Best for - automated workflow analysis
  • Price - personalized prices
  • Free trial - two-month free trial

You can get immediate access to data management tools once you start paying for AdvancedMD EMR software. They are unlike any other service you have used before. They have many patient engagement solutions that help you record valuable information with ease. You can personalize the software according to the kind of services you offer.



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Top 5 Emr Providers


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