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Top 5 Factoring Providers

Even well-established businesses face challenges in terms of stacking up piles of unpaid invoices. This causes an imbalance in the financial state of the business. The effects can be avoided by using a well-planned and licensed factoring company to help factor the invoices and avoid piling debts with clients. Different factoring companies offer different services at varying pricing rates. Here is a quick comparison of 5 best factoring companies

Last Updated July 2022

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  • Credit score - at least 600
  • Funding time - within hours
  • Amount offered - up to 5 million

When in need of fast cash to factor invoices for clients you owe, BlueVine is the best company. They have an amazingly fast funding time of hours, faster than most factoring companies. But the company mainly favors large businesses. They offer an advance rate of 85-90% upfront.



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RTS Financial banner
  • Credit score - they consider all credit scores
  • Funding time - same day
  • Amount offered - 2,500 per truck per week

The company offers specialized factoring services, fuel discounts, and trucking software. RTSFinancial helps improve efficiency and control costs in your business. They give the funding the same day of the application. There are no hidden fees; all their prices are transparent.



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AltLine banner
  • Credit score - credit score is not the primary consideration
  • Funding time - 3-7 days
  • Amount offered - from $ 30,000

altLINE has been a licensed company for 83 years and works hand in hand with a very reputable bank giving them an upper hand compared to other factoring companies. They do not have extreme minimum qualifications; hence they can work with businesses of any size.



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FundBox banner
  • Credit score - 500
  • Funding time - next day
  • Amount offered - up to $ 100,000

Fundbox has the lowest minimum requirements for application, and yet they offer the highest advance rate of 100% on the invoices they factor. This makes them the most efficient for startup and midsized businesses. The application process is straightforward.



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American Reliable banner
  • Credit score - they consider all credit scores
  • Funding time - 24 hours
  • Amount offered - from $ 10,000

American Receivables factor invoices up to 120 days past due, helping many businesses gain credit possibilities. The eligibility requirements are not very strict. They offer the best consultation and customer service. They work with startups and small businesses, unlike other factoring companies.



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Top 5 Factoring Providers


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