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Eargo's hearing aids are nearly invisible and are designed to be worn throughout the day without any discomfort. Custom settings offer various levels of sound amplification and noise reduction based on your specific hearing needs. A portable charger that doubles as a case and a two-year warranty round out the package.

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Eargo Review

Eargo's hearing aids are nearly invisible and are designed to be worn throughout the day without any discomfort. Custom settings offer various levels of sound amplification and noise reduction based on your specific hearing needs. A portable charger that doubles as a case and a two-year warranty round out the package.





Eargo is a newcomer in the hearing device market. The firm comes with a good model and focuses on people experiencing starting and middle level progressing hearing loss. The devices they have come with silicone tips that will suspend them in the ear canal. The products have technological support, including mobile devices and customer access through text, video, and phone access. While the devices from Eargo come at a slightly higher price tag, they fit the right capabilities like battery and power that are good for their users.

Eargo Hearing Aid Models

The company has disrupted the market with devices that have impressive technology and minute size. The gadgets look like fishing flies and suspend in ear canal without holding to help with the suspension. The consumer can use the devices directly without a prescription because they are handy and good for all uses during hearing loss problems.

There are four different models that Eargo sells, all of which are rechargeable. The difference comes in their amplification profile and the level of hearing loss they can rectify;

Eargo Max

The hearing aid is the firm’s introductory product that is going for $1500. The aid has all the features that a user at this level would want, including an adjustable sound profile and silicone Flexi fibers. However, it does not have app capability. The design is specifically for patients still at the level of mild loss or at worst in the middle state. The device does not work with the amplification of the lowest frequency.

Eargo Neo

The option gives you all the earlier uses and adds more amplification and fine-tuning. Users can get this aid at $2000. There are Flexi palms in place of Flexi fibers. The flattened version is more comfortable and easier for the user. The device has app functionality, and users can pair it to use it on a mobile app or browsing.

Eargo Neo HIFI

Here, the user gets all the capabilities and includes more functionality for canceling interference and reducing noise in the background. The circuit on this aid has a broader cover and better compatibility. Users can get this aid at $2500.

Eargo 5

There is a current model which has the latest technology and features. At $2950, the user will get a smaller and more functional aid with better matching and sound technology. The replacement of contact pins with magnets also makes the aid better in charging with a full battery in less than three hours. The design in this aid has ditched both palm and fiber for petals.

Eargo Additional Services & Products

Eargo also gives you more things above the aid that will help with its use. The different accessories are;

  • A portable charger. You can power your device’s battery overnight and have a day’s use with a single charge. The charger comes with a chord and can itself last for a week on a single power.
  • Cleaning implements. The user gets a brush and microfiber cloth to clean the aid every night before more use.
  • Wax guards and Changing Tools. There is a wax guard which prevents loss from the canal. The wax needs periodical change.
  • Silicone tips. The aid has silicone tips of different lengths that will fit within the ear canal. The user has to change these tips every three months to prevent wax.
  • Warranty features. The max, Neo, and HIFI aids come with a warranty for a year. The latest aid has a longer cover that gives users service for repair and one-time replacement in damage or loss. The warranty is for devices that come from authorized shops that sell Eargo. The user should avoid unnecessary damage to enjoy these covers.

How Do I Purchase Eargo Devices?

Users can get the aids from Eargo’s website. Additionally, they can buy from officially authorized sellers that work with Eargo to sell their aids. The sellers are usually licensed in audiology services and professionals. There is good customer service through video appointments. The user can request a dummy to test the comfort levels before using the devices. If the device does not appeal, the user can return it in 45 days.

Eargo Payment

Eargo products are FDA approved, and users can use certain insurance options to pay for the aids. Users can pay using different cards.

The company also has a payment plan that will let users get a device through a finance partner. The interest through Bread, this finance partner, is between 0 to 30%. Users who can get a credit can pay $123 for two years and enjoy the low APR.

Eargo Features and Tools

  • Adjustable and factory set sound profiles.
  • Quick charge and lasting batteries.
  • A minute-size device.
  • Comfortable silicone tips that can fit the aid into the ear canal.
  • App functionality on Neo, HIFI, and 5.
  • Cancellation and noise reduction for quality.
  • Updates and remote support.

What About the Eargo App?

The Neo, HIFI, and 5 aids give users app functionality. The Neo aids have one app, while 5 has the latest type in the market. The apps are on both IOS and Google. The users may need later versions of operating systems, especially Android, to download and enjoy these apps. The user gets more intuition and comfort while using the app.

The Neo app lets the user personalize their settings to suit the environment and sound levels. There are four preset programs with settings that users can set on their aids. Additionally, users can also set and change these elements remotely. The app gives users reminders on charging and cleaning.

The 5 app includes other capabilities like the sound match for different hearing loss states. Different listening states match the hearing loss of the user. The app lets users make manual adjustments that adapt with noise filters for their environment. Users also get alerts, calls, and updates from the app.

The Bottom Line

Eargo gives the user aid, accessories, and lifetime support. The functionalities and resources that they have are a welcome feature for their users. The newcomers on the block have come to the market with all the modern users want. Consumers with mild to middle-level problems can get aid without an audiologist and use it in their comfort.