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Help Desk systems can benefit your business in many ways, with a number of important features and functions. With COVID-19 constantly changing the rules of the game, the features offered by the latest Help Desk systems can keep you ahead of the competition, so look out for special New Year deals and make sure your business is ready for whatever Help Desk has in store.

Last Updated September 2022

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  • Suitable For - Small businesses
  • Starting Price - $25 monthly per user when billed annually
  • Free Trial - Available

Many customer helpdesk systems are friendly, available, and simple for start-ups and small enterprises but often become inefficient as companies expand. When compared to other options, Salesforce stands out because it provides solutions that grow with your company. You may grow it as quickly or as far as you want, and it will still be able to handle the most intricate relationship management tasks.

If your company is experiencing fast expansion and you are looking for a customer helpdesk system that can keep up, Salesforce is a great option. It's certainly overkilled for extremely tiny and less developed businesses. The platform provides elegant versions of its services for small companies and has some of the greatest training tools.



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  • Free Version - available for unlimited agents
  • Starting Price - $15 monthly per agent if billed annually
  • Best for - Companies of all sizes

Cloud-based Freshdesk helps companies of all sizes provide first-rate help for their customers. The Freshdesk understanding allows more effective handling of customers' questions and allows consumers to find answers independently.

Key features include creating material in several languages, managing content in bulk to save time, dealing with certain content through filters, and establishing a rigorous review procedure. To keep customers interested and satisfied, you may use AI-powered bots to guide them to the information they need.



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ZenDesk banner
  • Starting Price - $19 monthly per agent if billed annually
  • Free Trial - Available
  • Suitable For - Established companies

Assisting several channels might be complex, but your clients don't care about the complexities involved. Using tools like Zen Desk, your company may conduct natural dialogues with its consumers without indicating the processes going on behind the scenes. It's not too complicated for novices yet flexible enough to accommodate more complex requirements.

All customer interactions and necessary context can be centralized in Zen Desk, regardless of the communication channel used. It's a single hub where all agents can work together to provide clients with better service and a more customized experience. Zendesk emphasizes service by developing sales, support, and customer involvement tools. We think all businesses, regardless of size, sector, or aspirations, should be able to provide memorable, effective customer service.



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Zoho banner
  • Free Trial - available
  • Starting Price - $15 monthly per user
  • Free Version - available

The cloud-based Zoho Desk is a support system developed by Zoho Corporation that serves organizations of all sizes. Features such as customer assistance ticket tracking, a customer portal, contract administration, and report generation are essential. Zoho Desk centralizes communications received through several channels (including but not limited to email, phone, chat, social media, a self-service portal, forums, and forms) and displays them in a unified interface.

Automating routine operations like ticket assignment, service escalations, notification rules, and time-based actions is possible with the help of workflow rules. The software includes a graphical dashboard, happiness scales, and scheduled and personalized reports to examine customer satisfaction. Users may alter the solution to their liking by renaming tabs, creating new departments, altering email templates, setting office hours, and adding additional support files, among other things. Zoho Desk also offers APIs for integration with internal client systems.



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