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Wix allows you to build a website or online store. It is a hosting solution which means that you do not have to pay extra for hosting or installing any software to use it. It is an editor that enables you to build websites using various available templates and e-commerce features. You can use the website builder on mobile devices. Once you understand how to navigate the builder's interface, you will be able to use it to build practically any kind of website or online store you envision. It is easy to use and navigate and, with plenty of options, can create any website in a short time.

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Wix Review

Wix allows you to build a website or online store. It is a hosting solution which means that you do not have to pay extra for hosting or installing any software to use it. It is an editor that enables you to build websites using various available templates and e-commerce features. You can use the website builder on mobile devices. Once you understand how to navigate the builder's interface, you will be able to use it to build practically any kind of website or online store you envision. It is easy to use and navigate and, with plenty of options, can create any website in a short time.




Wix Review 2022

**Wix offers multiple site builders, including blogging site, portfolio site, business site and online stores. You get hundreds of exciting themes and thousands of plugins at your disposal. **

Wix is the most popular website builder in the industry. The website editor has a pre-build template for every customer. Wix harbors up to 3 powerful editors, a vast number of themes and thousands of plugins, and its customer support is one to beat. Ultimately, this feature-packed website builder is currently the best choice if you want to give your business a significant digital presence.

As such, we request that you dive in with us as we look at the various sections of Wix, as we try to investigate why it’s the leader in the website building industry.

While most site builders specialize in a single audience like e-commerce, or blogs, Wix stands out as a solution that offers multiple website categories at once. You only need to choose the theme that fits your business niche.

| Website type | Advantages | Disadvantages | | ----------------- | ------------- | -------------| | **Blog site** | Improved SEO and marketing tools, fast build and launch | Third-party tools, as such expensive option for bloggers | | **Portfolio site** | Custom designs, has specialized tools for artists | Can’t change a template once you start editing ; otherwise all content is removed | | **Business website** | Advanced business features, offers editing tools for beginners and intermediate users | Extra fees for additional apps | | **Online store** | Useful e-commerce tool options for beginners and pros | You can’t migrate your site |

Wix for blog sites

Wix is a significant blogging option for emerging writers and creative content creators alike. The site builder offers a powerful blog editor that lets you format various aspects of your site, such as text, add/remove bullets, links, call-to-action buttons and more. Wix also enables customizing of your blog categories, tags, meta description, and the default URL format of your posts.

On the downside, we think Wix charges somewhat hefty fees for the blogging tools. This can be attributed to most bloggers and content creators being on a budget. Alternatively, if you can stomach the Wix branding on the blog site, opt for the free builds but they give limited. However, if you can pull the budget, the premium package starts at $14 a month.

Wix for portfolio sites

Wix aces the portfolio category. The site builder has a pool of customizations at its disposal that you can use to create a winning portfolio website for your work. Whether you want to display, or sell your art online, Wix’s portfolio builder is an excellent start. Wix also offers the best tools to help you sell art online, and they’re very easy to use – as they require minimal knowledge to get started.

Sadly, most of Wix’s tools for this category, mostly suit visual artists only. Categories like digital downloads, print-on-demand third-party integrations and templates specific to visuals don’t suit other creators. Thankfully, the portfolio themes Wix offers make up for this inconvenience, making it worth a shot.

Wix for business sites

Wix gives various businesses plenty of tools to design attractive websites that can give them a digital presence. With thousands of themes and plugins Wix ensures you have the best customization tools and features for marketing. Furthermore, advanced features like SEO are useful when you want your website to rank well in the Google search index.

A bit on the downside, Wix limited customization tools and feature capabilities. Therefore, if you want to unlock even more useful tools, you have to visit the builder’s app store and get premium features at a fee.

Wix for online stores

If you’re looking for a way to sell your products online for a bigger target, Wix has you covered. You get an impeccable e-commerce website, alongside tools like SEO, marketing and several templates for online stores. The result of a great e-commerce builder is that your online visitor get plenty of choices to add to their cards. Wix online stores also enable you to sell both digital and physical products. The Wix builder has an edit functionality that lets you customize the store and interface it with third-party tools like, WooComerce and Google Analytics.

The notable disadvantage to this is that Wix doesn’t allow you to move your e-commerce website. This means that from the moment you register your business on Wix and have launched the site, there’s no backtracking.

Wix pricing

At the time of this review, Wix sells a whopping 7 paid packages. The plans are also sold in two segments. For instance, there’s Website plans which has four packages, and then you get the Business and e-commerce plans, which harbors three packages.

Website Plans

This category advertises four premium plans that are fairly priced. Here’s how they compare:

Plan Features Price
Free A simple plan for testing the platform $0.00 /month
Basic Great tools for simple websites $4.50/month
Combo Unlimited bandwidth, extra marketing tools – good for growing businesses $8.50/month
Unlimited eCommerce features for selling online $12.50/month
VIP All of the above features, plus priority customer care $24.50/month

Wix free plan

Wix offers a free website builder to new users. And while the offer might seem appealing, you end up not getting the most out of your website. This is because the free site builder is very limit and you’ll little control over your website. Ideally, Wix retains the branding rights and the builder’s logo will appear all over your website. Furthermore, you won’t have any advanced editing and marketing tools at your disposal as compared to premium subscribers. As such, we don’t recommend the free plan. However, if you’re new on website building and want to get a feel of what it’s like, give it a try before you can upgrade your plan.

Wix premium plans

At the time of this review, Wix gives you four premium plans to choose from. Overall, all premium packages gives you various options, including a custom domain, a free SSL certificate and eliminates annoying ads.

We looked at the four paid plans, and here’s how they compare:

  • Connect Domain: This is a recent addition and the most basic paid plan from Wix. It retails at $4.50 per month. It offers limited additional features like 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage. Luckily you also qualify for 24/7 customer service. Not recommended.
  • Combo: This is a package best saved for personal use. It sells at $8.50 per month. Getting this option means that you qualify for an extra 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, 30 minutes video, and 24/7 customer service. Best option for bloggers, content creators and other businesses.
  • Unlimited: This plan costs $12.50 every month and opens you a ton of benefits like unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage and an hour of video time. What stands out is the site booster app as well as a visitor analytics app. The Unlimited plan is a popular choice for enterprise-level businesses.
  • VIP: This is the highest plan that Wix offers. VIP is pricey and sells at a whopping $24.50 per month. The plan comes highly recommended for high-priority clients. For instance if you have special needs that the other plans can’t satisfy, the new VIP plan will accommodate you. Obviously you get every advanced feature in the unlimited package plus priority customer support, and a range of other benefits like a professional logo, and social media logo files. The bandwidth is unlimited with a 35GB storage and 5 hours of video time.

Business and eCommerce Plans

Wix also sells a separate category of plans to a different target market, eCommerce models. Essentially, you fall on this category if you want to sell your products online, or want to receive online payments. There are three paid plans to choose from. Unlike the website plans category, this section doesn’t have a free plan available. Instead, you have to at least subscribe to one premium package.

Plan Features Price
Business Basic Best for online shoppers, offers basic ecommerce tools $17/month
Business Unlimited Drop-shipping, Subscription sales, and customer reviews $25/month
Business VIP Sales tax calculations, loyalty plan, priority customer service. $35/month

All three plans offer convincing value for money. They all provide the same features but vary in terms of bandwidth, storage, video hours and customized reports. Among the features you get include secure online payments, customer accounts, custom domains, free domain (for a year), zero Wix ads, tool to handle plans and recurring payments from your subscribers and 24/7 customer support.

We looked at the three plans and here’s what we found:

  • Business Basic: this is the basic paid plan for eCommerce users. It goes for $17 per month. The plan is a good option if you’re a small business that want to receive payments online. You get unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage and up to 5 hours video time.
  • Business Unlimited: This is an excellent choice if you want to grow your online business. The plan goes for $25 per month. With the unlimited package you can manage large operations like drop-shipping, sell subscriptions, and have more marketing tools at your disposal. You’ll get $35 per month. What’s more, there is a free advanced data-center selling feature.
  • Business VIP: This is the pinnacle plan in this category. The VIP package is perfect for users who want the complete Wix eCommerce suite. The package sells at $35 per month. We only recommend this plan if you’re business has expanded and has amassed a massive customer-base. To maintain quality service to your users, the VIP plan is a good start. You also get unlimited bandwidth, a whopping 50GB storage and unlimited video time. Wix also gives you special recognition and offers high priority customer service to your business.

Wix cautions that all displayed prices are paid annually and in full at each billing cycle. Moreover, depend on your billing address, the tax fees may vary as the displayed prices are tax exclusive and therefore affecting the final amount.

Wix accepts all credit and debit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Union Pay. The site builder also offers a generous 14-day money-back guarantee that doesn’t have hidden clauses. Thanks to this, you can give Wix’s premium plans a try and if you’re not satisfied by their service, cancel your subscription within 14 days.


  • Robust website builder (up to 3 types of site builders)
  • Thousands of templates and themes
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Free plan
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 256-SSL encryption certificate


  • Not responsive
  • Basic SEO features
  • Only gives high priority to VIP subscribers

Bottom Line

Considering most site builders limit your creativity and restrict you to specific theme categories, Wix does a wonderful job. You get an excellent balance of features and benefits. It might take you some minutes to get a hang of it, but once you’re up and running, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with Wix. It opens you to boundless ideas and digital marketing options.

To literate, you get three types of builders, hundreds of themes and thousands plugins at your disposal. And if you aren’t sure about committing, Wix offers you a no-questions asked 14-day money-back guarantee. This is sufficient time to test what they offer before you make up your mind.