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Best ID Theft Protection Services

Credit card fraud is the most common kind of identity theft; therefore, customers should be especially cautious while purchasing online. This is especially crucial because more and more of our transactions are migrating online, and we are buying more things from home than ever before. This is a pattern that is predicted to last until at least 2021. Fortunately, ID theft prevention services are a cost-effective solution to track online activity carried out in your name, allowing you to discover ID theft before it has a major impact on you. Here are the finest ID theft prevention services we found this year.

Last Updated March 2023

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  • Suitable for - Online Banking
  • Beginning Cost - $17.95 monthly
  • Free trial - 14 days

IdentityForce has forty years of expertise in fraudulent activity and is known for the comprehensiveness of its operations. This well-known firm was among the first to provide ID theft protection for minors. New offerings like online social authenticity tracking and smartphone execution have also been ahead of the curve.

Court documents, Dark Web activities, and sexual predator tracking are all monitored by IdentityForce, which provides smart warnings in more than five primary categories. Medical ID cybercrime and internet resources for desktop computers are one of the features of the service.

With up to $1 million in coverage, specialized mobile applications, and a 50-point commitment to consumers, it's easy to see why IdentityForce has lasted for more than four decades and is now a go-to option for sophisticated people worried about their personal information.



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Aura banner
  • Ideal for - Complete set of tools for preventing identity theft, financial fraud, and gadget theft
  • Charge starts - $12/month or $120/year with a free trial
  • Free trial - 60 days

Aura is an all-in-one digital security solution that protects your finances, identity, and devices. Credit monitoring, cash transfer tracking, dark web surveillance, and SSN and ID verification monitoring are just a few of the features it offers. Any time a danger is detected, you will receive an immediate alert.



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IdentityTheft.com banner
  • Suitable for - Persons protecting their credit
  • Beginning Cost - Not available
  • Free trial - No

IdentityTheft.com is a cloud-based identity theft prevention service that provides credit monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It offers quick, cheap tracking to safeguard you from identity fraud, despite no pricing data being provided on their homepage.

After you've signed up, you may add any profile you wish to be watched, such as your details, driving license, credit card, or medical information. If the service detects strange activity on your account, you will be notified immediately and asked to confirm that it isn't a case of identity theft.

If your information is hijacked, IdentityTheft.com will cover any losses up to $1 million and give out fraudulent transactions until you can safeguard your services.



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Identity Guard banner
  • Suitable for - Full-time spectrum security
  • Beginning Cost - $7 monthly
  • Free trial - No

The IBM Watson software is Identity Guard's defining quality. This cutting-edge AI program continuously searches billions of data points throughout the internet for abnormal behavior, resulting in intelligent, round-the-clock security for families and people.

Watson is the most remarkable feature of Identity Guard, but it's hardly alone. The firm provides three strong packages, each of which includes Dark Web surveillance, risk assessment analytics, anti-phishing applications, and some special tools with more comprehensive plans.



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IDShield banner
  • Suitable for - Security and data recovery help
  • Beginning Cost - $15 monthly
  • Free trial - 30 days

IDShield provides four fraud security proposals: an individual or family plan with 1-bureau or 3-bureau credit checks monitoring for you, your husband or wife, and up to 10 heirs. All programs come with various surveillance features, including dark web tracking, bank account surveillance, and online activity monitoring.

If you are a victim of fraud, the detectives will strive to restore the harm and assist you in developing a strategy to avoid future data theft.



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LifeLock banner
  • Suitable for - Persons seeking to recover and protect their credit identity
  • Beginning Cost - Monthly Cost at $9.99
  • Free trial - 60-day money-back guarantee

LifeLock is an anti-virus software from Norton, which features the tech, accessibility, and convenience of use that you'd anticipate from a market leader. The plans ultimately are particularly interesting, as they combine internet security and identity theft protection while also providing greater adjustability than normal.

LifeLock also provides LifeLock Mini, a low-cost add-on for kids under the age of 18. Look for folder networks on the dark web. All plans feature live helping clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the assistance of identity recovery experts based in the United States.



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Identity IQ banner
  • Suitable - To protect against Identity theft and credit monitoring.
  • Cost - Start as low as $6.99 per month or $71.30 annually.
  • Free trial - No free trials. Instead, the company offers a 7-day introductory program for $1.

Identity IQ is among the best theft protection option available in the market. The company offers credit monitoring services like credit tracking, a credit score simulator, and three-bureau monitoring.

The company offers four service plans: Secure, Secure Pro, Secure Plus, and Secure Max. All four plans include features like credit tracking and monitoring. Other service features for the Identity IQ's plans are social security number alerts, dark web monitoring, lost wallet assistance, and checking account reports. The company's insurance policy allocates up to $1 million to cover legal fees, lost wages, and stolen funds.

Identity IQ's Secure Plan offers alerts and daily credit monitoring from one credit agency and is pretty affordable, costing a monthly fee of less than $10. The Secure Max plan costs $30 per month and offers a credit score simulator, credit score alerts, and 3-bureau monthly credit scores and reports.



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