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The growth of a small business, especially within the online space, makes marketing tools an essential part of operations. The marketing tools are a set of solutions that help to make work easier by increasing value and efficiency while providing the right expertise and skill for a layman individual or group within a startup business. These solutions also rise in scale along with the size of the business. However, for an individual or organization that is starting to find the right tools for their business, the process is cumbersome and challenging. Fortunately, there are simple steps to finding the right guide and recognizing the best ones to create value for the business. Here is a review of the top tools for marketing in small and growing businesses.

Last Updated July 2024

GoDaddy banner
  • Target users - businesses and individuals with website and hosting needs
  • Main preferences - web hosting, search engine optimization, email support, analytics, and social media
  • Costs - Depending on solutions and services, a Free 30-day trial is available for first-time users.

GoDaddy is especially popular in the market as a registrar of domains. The entity also gives its users hosting services and has since expanded to include other business solutions and online needs for individuals’ organizations. Today, this is where a consumer would go for an all-in-one-stop experience for online solutions that would support their business.

The main solutions that users would find include help building their websites, optimizing the website for search engine finds, email and hosting support, domain registration, and security. GoDaddy also includes custom tools that the users can tweak to suit their needs. The solution is popular because of its reliability in loading and dealing with analytics.



GoDaddy logo
Vcita banner
  • Best For - Service-oriented businesses requiring CRM with client management and scheduling features
  • Rating - 4.2/5

vCita is a CRM service that was designed to meet the needs of small, specialized companies. With over 100 thousand professionals using it as their scheduling system for appointments and meetings, VCita will be one hundred percent beneficial in helping therapists, accountants, consultants, or medical professionals manage calendars efficiently with this easy-to-use software!

vCita's Marketing Automation Tool is the perfect way to automate and plan your marketing campaigns. With a free fourteen-day trial, you can test out all three package options: Essentials which includes basic features such as intraday monitoring or monthly reports; Platinum with tailored mailings sent out up 10,000 people at once (for those who don't need it customized); porous plans - Custom packages available upon request!



Vcita logo
Network Solutions banner
  • Target users - small and local businesses
  • Main preferences - hosting services and marketing campaigns
  • Costs - based on the service portfolio for each user

The site includes all the essentials for professional web presence and delivery within the business.

Network solutions are the overall go-to place for all the simple and extended needs within the business. Often, the solution is regarded as an underdog in the management and business marketing for small entities and organizations. The common and popular tools that users can find from this solution include design, hosting, and marketing. Additionally, there is a deep and well-developed system for optimization that works well with startup businesses and established platforms.

The local businesses will also find suggestions on solutions that they would not even know about as suggestions. The success of such small businesses depends on well-established platforms and the right solutions that suit the needs of their operations. Network Solutions has become the go-to place for these simple solutions and specialty tools ideal for small business operations.



Network Solutions logo
Fiverr banner
  • Target users - medium-sized businesses, contract outsourcing of work
  • Main preferences - search engine optimization, email marketing
  • Costs - From $5 per project

The solution for every kind of marketing tool is what you will find on this site.

Fiverr is the crowdsourcing platform that connects tasks and business propositions with individuals who will help do this work. The solution is a platform for designers, marketers, programmers, and other professionals who will make their skills available for those who need these services. The professionals avail their skills from a cost of $5 for each solution.

However, the pricing for these solutions will escalate and tends to rise with the scale and depth of the roles. The contractor and professional interact on the site, agree on the details and the provided timescale to deliver the final work. Crowdsourcing, the basic working model on the site, helps to cut costs and eliminate the other implications and complexities that arise when dealing with professional work.

A prospective user who needs to find the right solutions and services for their business can browse the site and find the right individual that fits their desired skill set. The site has developed profiles and portfolios so that it is easy to match users with skills and effectively fulfill their needs of work.



Fiverr logo
Get Response banner
  • Best For - Businesses seeking a versatile email marketing platform with automation and e-commerce capabilities
  • Rating - 4.4/5.

Get Response is not an ordinary marketing service because it has great features to enable your teams to gain vast profits. They have great and unique features such as IP address, full customer retention management software, and webinar hosting. As you go higher in pricing, Get Response offers more and incredible services. They can also assist their customers with transaction email.



Get Response logo
HubSpot banner
  • Best for - Ideal for startups and small businesses.
  • Price - Free to use.
  • Free Trial - Free trial not available.

While the software is entirely free, it is limited to businesses with just a few employees. However, even though its functionality may be somewhat restricted, it has received excellent feedback. The full range of solutions makes it an excellent choice for small businesses looking to increase sales.

With a clear dashboard that allows you to sort deals and track all necessary data, including lead status and the name of the company's sales funnel in real time, Hubspot CRM is an easy-to-use tool for managing your business' activities.

Hubspot gives you unlimited users and storage, which can handle up to a million contacts. While tailored for clients with sophisticated needs, Hubspot goes above and above what you'd expect for free software, making it an excellent fit for small companies seeking to boost efficiency.



HubSpot logo
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