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When it comes to email marketing services, the constant contract is one of the best in the industry. Its plan is quite affordable since it starts at $20 a month. It has reasonable pricing and comes with good features such as an Ecommerce option, customized templates, and WooCommerce integration.

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Constant Contact Review

When it comes to email marketing services, the constant contract is one of the best in the industry. Its plan is quite affordable since it starts at $20 a month. It has reasonable pricing and comes with good features such as an Ecommerce option, customized templates, and WooCommerce integration.

The constant contract allows you to import your contacts very fast and. It is very helpful in marketing since it incorporates all the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It is also comprised of google ads, which plays a vital role when it comes to marketing.



Constant Contact

Constant Contact Marketing Tools Review


Constant contact marketing agency ensures you stay in constant Contact with your clients or customers. You can build a website in minutes, launch an email marketing campaign, boost sales using Google ads, and generate awareness on your social media. They have helped many businesses start ecommerce and be successful at it. It's an all-in-one marketing agency suitable for small, midsized, and large businesses.


  • Excellent marketing automation capabilities
  • An array of third party integrations
  • Built-in analytics
  • Superior email delivery rate


  • The SEO tools are still developing

Constant Contact Marketing Tools at a Glance

Price: starts at $ 20 per month

Free trial: one-month free trial

Key uses: email marketing

Best for: freelancers, small, midsized, and large businesses, gig workers


Constant Contact mainly focuses on email marketing, but it's integrating SEO tools to improve your search rankings. They are still growing the SEO tools, but the available features are beneficial. They provide personalized insight depending on the kind of business you have. You can quickly turn your website visitors into loyal clients with shoppable landing pages. Additional SEO tools include tags, keyword implementation, and other on-page elements.

The most advanced feature is the Google Ads feature that uses artificial intelligence technology. Once you set the advertising perimeters, the machines will do the rest. It takes a lot of hassle from marketing and lets you shift your focus to other things. The keywords will shift based on the performance-based data. Being an online authority isn’t easy, but with such tools, you can boost your presence. You can also use their analytics to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Even if the tools are not as extensive as they should be, they are still helpful to curb the online audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is where Constant Contact shines. They have easy-to-use features that will let you run your marketing campaigns like a pro. You can easily customize your emails because of the drag-and-drop feature. The emails will be responsive on any device, and the flexibility is also high. You can switch template designs with ease. There are already 100 ready-to-go email templates to pick from.

As the name suggests, Constant Contact wants you to keep your audience hooked at all times. They offer new visitors or subscribers welcome emails, contact segmentation, triggered email series, email list building tools, and resend emails for non-openers. The agency has email marketing tools for ecommerce. You will have help finding new customers and keeping them engaged. They also help with contact list management. You only need to upload your contact list, and they will do the rest. You can also add new contacts from your social media platforms, website, or in person.

The tracking tools let you monitor the email progress and improve them. The input from the tracking will help you get better results with your next email marketing campaign. You can come up with new segment lists based on the data analytics report. The more targeted lists will guarantee results. You can also go beyond the client's inbox and connect with them with coupons, donations, live events, and much more.

Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact lets you integrate social media profiles into your website to automatically upload content to your social media handles. You can schedule posts in advance; this allows you to set up different posts on the same day. It's easy to turn the social media channels off and on when you upload your emails on a post-by-post basis. The social media quickstarter features if for businesses that are beginning their social media accounts. The resources will help you get started on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Website Design

You can create a business website and customize it using Constant Contact. It favors people who have little-to-no experience in web building. Most small businesses have used the building tools to create mobile-responsive websites that favor all their customers. It’s hard to establish ecommerce when you don’t have an active website. The logo maker is helpful if you want to expand your brand. Constant Contact offers built-in SEO tools. The AI-powered website builder can have your website up and running in minutes.

Digital Marketing

Everyone is turning toward digital marketing; that is why Constant Contact has expanded marketing solutions. They help you customize your digital marketing campaigns to make them more successful. Automation and segmentation are also key aspects of digital marketing. Combined with Constant Contact's advanced email marketing tools, you will have a comprehensive online marketing strategy. These digital marketing tools have simplified marketing, especially for small businesses.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is what helps you grow and create a loyal client list. Constant Contact allows you to upload client contacts from different sources. You can do it in person, from your social media accounts, website, Excel, or Outlook. Adding more contacts means your emails will reach a wider audience, and you can create more targeted lists without losing too many clients. They also handle inactive email accounts, unsubscribing, and bounce emails.


Aside from the one-month free trial, Constant Contact has only two plans. The basic is $ 20 per month, and the advanced one costs $ 45 per month. But the exact amount you pay will depend on the number of contacts you have. It may cost you a little more if your email list can go for days. But whichever plan you choose, there are valuable features that you will enjoy, including contact import, list segmentation, Google Ads, landing pages, and unlimited emails.

Customer Service

There is so much support at Constant Contact for their customers. You can watch tutorial videos from professionals on various topics. You can also pose your questions on the community forum or interact with other users. They also have a support team you can contact via email or phone if the website is not helpful. They are focused on helping their customers with website building or email marketing.

Bottom Line

Constant Contact is a quality email marketing platform with other additional services. They have solidified their name by offering many SEO, email, and social media marketing tools. The analytics also help you make better choices that will benefit your business. Give the one-month free trial a go and see if it benefits your online presence. You should also keep an eye out for any new features.