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GoDaddy is especially popular in the market as a registrar of domains. The entity also gives its users hosting services and has since expanded to include other business solutions and online needs for individuals’ organizations. Today, this is where a consumer would go for an all-in-one-stop experience for online solutions that would support their business.

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GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is especially popular in the market as a registrar of domains. The entity also gives its users hosting services and has since expanded to include other business solutions and online needs for individuals’ organizations. Today, this is where a consumer would go for an all-in-one-stop experience for online solutions that would support their business.

The main solutions that users would find include help building their websites, optimizing the website for search engine finds, email and hosting support, domain registration, and security. GoDaddy also includes custom tools that the users can tweak to suit their needs. The solution is popular because of its reliability in loading and dealing with analytics.




GoDaddy Marketing Tools Review


GoDaddy email marketing fits beginners and savvy marketers with a solid mailing list. They are a reputable website building and hosting platform that added great marketing and SEO tools. It also has additional marketing features, including social media. It's an all-in-one dashboard for businesses to create, market, and build their brands. They even help new businesses grow their mailing list by adding a signup form on their website.


  • Excellent social media and email marketing tools
  • You can easily see how your marketing emails are performing
  • Simple website design and building features
  • SEO tools
  • Great customer service


  • Limited layout customization

GoDaddy Marketing Tools at a Glance

Price: Starts at $ 9.57

Free trial: One-month free trial

Key uses: SEO, analytics, email marketing, social media management

Best for: Small and midsized businesses


GoDaddy helps you get your website Google ready with search engine optimization. They analyze your site and find ways to optimize for search. This boosts your online visibility and helps you reach a wider audience. It’s hard to market anything online without SEO tools. You will get keyword suggestions to put on your website. GoDaddy will also let you track your ranking on Google over time.

Putting a spotlight on your business will also help with SEO. You will have a quick snapshot of all the relevant and vital information about your company on Google my Business. Having your profile on the platform helps customers find your info easily. There is no SEO knowledge required; they will guide you through everything. There is an automated wizard that will walk you through how to make your business site more SEO-friendly.

GoDaddy has analytics elements that will show you how well the site is doing in all the realms. They also give you an action plan on what your business should do to increase ranking online. There aren't many marketing sites that offer such advanced tools. Comparing your site with competitors will help you make changes to improve your competitiveness. The SEO tools are what most marketers look for when they use GoDaddy. However, the basic plan only has basic SEO tools.

Email Marketing

GoDaddy email marketing has many valuable features. A lot of businesses are using their client's email to market new products and services. You can send from 5,000 to 50,000 emails per month, depending on the plan you get. Your emails will be protected against spam, and you can keep track of them by seeing which clients viewed and which ones are yet to open the mail.

There are many themes for designing your emails, ready-made templates, an HTML email creator, and many other features. The emails can be mobile responsive; they can be viewed on all devices. There is an option of turning your blog posts into emails. The email marketing features are very advanced; it will make marketing a breeze.

Social Media Marketing

GoDaddy lets you focus on other things while they optimize your social media strategy and increase your reach. Social media will help you get customers and keep them coming back. You can post content and even schedule future posts to ensure you keep your audience engaged. You can respond to customer reviews from your GoDaddy website. You can also integrate the site with Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and Google my Business.

Website Design

GoDaddy serves millions of companies worldwide; it’s largely considered the best web building and hosting service provider. They allow you to customize the website to fit your brand. There are many themes to explore until you find what fits your website. The professionally-written blogs will help you hit the ground running when you design the site. They have a makeover feature that shows you how the web will look on the templates at a glance. You can use the click-and-drag feature to organize the pages. The members-only pages and special event banners are essential marketing tools on your website.

Content Management System

It’s worth learning about the content management system if your website is going to be content-heavy. GoDaddy supports WordPress that gives you full content management. A professional website will benefit greatly from content management. The management tools include SEO, quick-start-wizard, and a responsive design. Choose the best GoDaddy plan if you want unlimited storage and other advanced tools like the automatic daily malware scan.

Chatbot and Live Chat Software

You have probably noticed that most established websites have chat software that engages with customers and provide quick solutions and answers. GoDaddy allows you to use the same software and a chatbot while building your website. Once you automate customer support, there will rarely be any complaints from your website. Also, the software provides support 24/7. Live chat software for small businesses is a great marketing tool. Adding these features is very easy; you only need to cut and paste the HTML code to your site's backend.


Part of the GoDaddy charm is affordability. The email marketing starting price is $ 6.99 per month. You can opt for the other two plans, which cost $ 15.04 and $ 28.72. If you want web hosting or building services, the prices will be different. The basic plan has useful marketing features like a mobile-responsive site and so many insights. But if you want additional features, go for the other two plans. You will get everything you need to make your marketing successful, including unlimited social media platforms when you pay for the premium plan.

Customer Service

You can chat with the GoDaddy support and sales team any time for quick answers on pricing, services, and much more. They have attracted a lot of businesses and organizations because help is always available, day or night. They have live chat and phone calls. They have a global directory with different phone numbers and hours to call. Most people prefer the chatting option on the website because it’s easy and convenient.

Bottom Line

No one does it better than GoDaddy when it comes to creating, managing, and building your website and brand. They have excellent marketing features and marketing tools that have helped millions of small and midsized businesses. GoDaddy delivers everything you would probably need to get started if you want to establish your online presence. They will help you take your email marketing game to the next level. GoDaddy has tackled all the possible web building and marketing questions, and they have delivered amazing solutions.