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Top 5 Medical Billing Providers

Medical billing is the backbone of the revenue cycle in the healthcare sector. Outsourcing medical billing services is now mainstream. The evolving and complex healthcare marketplace requires successful management. This comparison is here to help you determine which service provider is right for your business. Read on for some of the best medical billing and coding services.

Last Updated June 2024

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  • Best for - established medical practices
  • Price - 3% to 8% of your monthly collections
  • Contract - 1-year contract

AdvancedMD offers many medical services, including patient portal, reputation management, EHR software, and billing management. However, they do not offer medical coding services. They have simplified billing processes and improved cash flow.



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  • Best for - independent practices
  • Price - $125 per month
  • Contract - no contract

Kareo doesn’t offer billing services directly; they use third-party billing partners to deliver such services. This system works, but there will be a lot of parties involved in your billing cycle. But their other services can be tailored to fit your specialty. They have a dedicated support team.



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  • Best for - new and small medical practices
  • Price - requires a quote
  • Contract - 1-year contract

DrChrono is an all-in-one electronic health record platform. It adapts to your needs; that is why it's best suited for new practices. They have coders and billing experts that will maintain your coding and billing certifications. DrChrono has advanced telehealth tools. Their revenue cycle management will help you establish financial transparency.



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Care Cloud banner
  • Best for - medical practices of all sizes
  • Price - 3% to 7% of your monthly collections
  • Contract - 3-year contract

CareCloud is for any practice that wants to improve patient care, productivity, and profitability. They are serving over forty thousand medical providers. The revenue cycle management decreases administrative burned. They also provide healthcare analytics to help your practice grow. However, they are yet to publish their pricing and plans.



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Chart Logic banner
  • Best for - free implementation
  • Price - 3% to 6% of your monthly collections
  • Contract - 2-year contract

Chartlogic delivers medical billing services and other health IT solutions without interrupting your workflow. Most service providers have a high implementation fee but not Chartlogic. Their software allows customization and a lot of integrations. They were named the best EHR software in the FrontRunners report.



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Top 5 Medical Billing Providers


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