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Top 5 Medical Software Providers

Electronic medical records (EMR) system might be the solution your practice needs. It has a lasting impact on your productivity and workflow. It provides accurate, up-to-date information. You will get quick access to patient records and coordinate your practice more efficiently. This article gives you five worthy options and informed research to aid your selection.

Last Updated December 2023

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  • Best for - medical practices of all budgets
  • Price - from $200 per month
  • Contract - available

DrChrono is a complete EMR and medical practice management software. Anyone can benefit from their services, whether a start-up or established practice. They have a lot of additional resources, including blogs, webinars, and case studies that can help you push your practice forward. They offer training once you become a client at no extra cost.



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  • Best for - advanced EMR and HER features
  • Price - $ 729 per month
  • Contract - training not included

AdvancedMD offers very impressive features like the smart dashboard. It unifies all the roles available in your practice to enhance clinical care. Your patients will have a more personal experience every time they visit. They basically give you an automated workflow analyst. There are task donuts, customizable templates, patient cards, and telemedicine tools.



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Care Cloud banner
  • Best for - cloud-based EMR solutions
  • Price - $ 628 per month
  • Contract - available

CareCloud is very innovative with the EMR solutions they provide. You will get a comprehensive overview of the patient's clinical records. You can identify drug interactions; it helps you ensure you always prescribe the right drugs. There is analytics with detailed reports that ensures successful tracking. There are many medical tools to take your practice to the next step. You can add an easy check-I system for your customers.



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Kareo banner
  • Best for - small practices
  • Price - from $ 200 per month
  • Contract - availablet

Kareo can sustain expanding practices, but it's best suited for small practices with one operating location. The software was designed by healthcare providers, so they understand what you are looking for. The charting features ensure you keep all the attention to the patients. They offer a drag-and-drop calendar feature that makes scheduling and organization easy. Navigating the system is surprisingly easy, even for beginners.



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GreenwayHealth banner
  • Best for - customizable EMR
  • Price - $ 941 per month
  • Contract - availablet

GreenwayHealth, also known as Intergy’s electronic medical records, offers specialty-focused and customizable solutions. It simplifies workflow because of the easy-to-navigate documentation. They have management solutions for upcoming and independent practices. Intergy encourages patient involvement in their care. They have a patient portal, and they message the patients about many things.



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Top 5 Medical Software Providers


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