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If you’re a small business that transacts heavily, then Stax is a good start. Stax sells monthly contracts and has zero transaction fees.

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Stax Review

If you’re a small business that transacts heavily, then Stax is a good start. Stax sells monthly contracts and has zero transaction fees.

You can also view built-in analytics, API and get support for e-commerce payments, all thanks to its digital dashboard called Stax Pay. The service also sports one of the best 24/7 customer support. The best part, you can terminate your contract early without incurring any cancellation fee.




Stax by Fattmerchant Review

In Brief

Stax by Fattmerchant is a monthly subscription-based payment allowance capacity that costs a level proportion rather than a percentage-based fee. For minor corporates that handle a large amount of money, monthly may make the transactions cheaper than competing point-of-sale suppliers. The program is simple to operate and accepts both swiped and captured payments. There is no initial assumption outlay with Stax.


  • There are no extra charges measured as a percentage.
  • Transactions may be swiped or typed in.
  • Client service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • The software program entails an extra payment monthly
  • For smaller organizations, the valuing method is costly

Suitable For

  • Small enterprises that generate a lot of money every month
  • Corporates that accept both swiped and keyed-in costs.
  • Proprietors of small businesses that want reimbursement and analytical services all in one spot

What Is on the Menu

  • Whole service large scale accounts with wordpay dealing out
  • Fixed and phone card readers
  • Assistance for both cards and keyed-in payments
  • Payment estimation with no fraction-based transaction charges
  • Unified Stax Pay network site for monitoring your records
  • Stax Application programming interface for customization and bespoke connections
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via an e-ticketing mechanism.

Registering Procedure

When you want to be a member of Stax, all you are supposed to do is reach the customer care services of the Fattmerchant sales group. You may get a quote by completing the online application form, and a sales assistant will give you immediate feedback on the following working day. This is a better approach to decide how many Stax premium services you will need and the cost you will be charged monthly.

If you agree to work with Stax, information about your monthly subscription, company license, and social safety contact will be crucial. You may select a hardware and software of your choice, and fattmerchant will deliver everything you like within the approved time.

Exceptional Services Offered by Stax

Subscription-Based Pricing

Stax's price scheme is the most notable differentiating characteristic. Stax charges a set monthly fee rather than a cut of each sale your company generates. You'll have to pay $99 monthly and an added fixed purchase price. That suggests the package comes with a built-in reduced proportion: the further funds your company handles, the more money you will save equated to merchants who charge a balance of each operation.

Stax provides a wide variety of functions as part of its regular once-a-month subscription. With Data integrity embedded into the system, for illustration, you can handle scanned and keyed-in payments. Similarly, the platform has electronic billing and accounting computer software connections.

Stax Pay Programme

Stax still has a digital platform named Stax Pay that allows users to manage their company’s sales statistics. This needs a supplementary monthly membership, with three levels to choose from based on your desired features.

Extensive statistics detail your sales by region and staff is included in the upper level of the product. Similarly, it contains a one-click shopping cart for e-commerce, regulation of account, the credit card on file backing, and recurrent outflows.

Stax Pay's inventory system and billing capabilities are rather rudimentary. There is no integration for barcode technology or Stock keeping units, and rather than providing a document, you must manually enter invoice data. Even yet, having these options right among the rest of Stax's payment functionality is quite helpful.

Stax Pay already has a designed application software design boundary for enterprises that want more management over their transactions. The API is well-recognized, but it is not a connector alternative, unlike certain payment providers. To get the most out of this agreement, you will probably need to hire a software engineer.


Stax is crystal clear about its operations, which is one of our favorite aspects of the firm. The user agreement is available for inspection on the Stax homepage whenever you initiate the process of registering for a package.

Furthermore, all Stax commitments are month-to-month, with no costs for early withdrawal. To discontinue your connection, it is advisable to give a one-month notification.

Client Sustenance

Fattmerchant supports Stax with a digital ticketing mechanism available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Replies are usually received after a few hours, according to our findings. Stax provides a comprehensive electronic information library that focuses more on discussing the earner's capabilities than debugging.


Stax charges $99 monthly for a regular subscription that covers payment information and some important characteristics such as terms and conditions. Payments have no margin fees, although you will be charged $0.08 for swiped transactions and $0.15 for keyed-in checks.

A separate contract is mandatory for Stax Pay. The $49 Initial monthly package delivers vital analytics display and ACH payment functionality. On ACH transactions, Stax charges a 1% cash up to $10. The Development strategy contains various software solutions and access to the user, including Text2Pay functionality for $89 monthly. The $129 monthly Pro plan gives you access to all of Stax Pay's analysis tools, in addition to resource management, a one-click shopping basket, and recurring transactions.

Likewise, Stax retails physical payment schemes; nevertheless, values vary depending on which type you desire and the subscription options you choose. To determine how much a station will charge, you'll get a quotation.


Medium companies with substantial revenue every month may find Stax by Fattmerchant to be a suitable fit. Payment service expenses remain stable throughout the period because of the membership pricing scheme and the absence of percentage-based interest charges. In addition, while handling substantial cash transactions, your firm effectively enjoys a reduction compared to other payment networks.

Organizations who want statistics, software connectivity, and e-commerce all on one system may choose Stax. Accepting payments in nearly any method and tracking revenue all over your company is very easy and transparent with the Stax Pay platform. While certain functionality is constrained linked to purpose-built alternatives, there's plenty to be said about integrating all of your payment systems in one place.

Stax Information

Fattmerchant payment facilitator company, which started in 2014, is located in Florida. They relaunched and changed their name to Stax in April 2021, with a new price scheme, phone application, and redesigned their desktop system. Since its beginning, Stax has had over 12,000 firm customers enjoy the services and has handled over $9 billion in transactions.