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Best Mini Excavator

Mini excavators are lighter and smaller, meaning they can reduce track marks and ground-top damage during work. They are much suited for medium or small jobs. They still have similar standards of excavation as any other machine. If you want to buy or rent one for your upcoming project, here is where you should look.

Last Updated July 2024

Caterpillar banner
  • Best for - extensive line of hydraulic excavators
  • Price - customized rates
  • Operating weight - up to 22451 lb.

All excavators from the Caterpillar brand offer great performance and safety around the worksite. They can be applied in all kinds of projects, including construction. They have a few models on their official site you can compare. They are all sized differently, so be sure to pick the one that can handle your project quickly.



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Kubota banner
  • Best for - tough excavations
  • Price - depends on the equipment
  • Operating weight - 8.4 Ton

Kubota excavators are ultra-compact, but they can handle tough jobs with ease. They are primarily used in construction sites and for light work around the house. They are also fuel-efficient, which makes them affordable to maintain. They are spacious and comfortable enough for the operator.



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Yanmar banner
  • Best for - fuel conservation
  • Price - Request a quote
  • Operating weight - up to 5,685 kg

Yanmar has over eight different models of mini excavators. The machines conserve a lot of fuel which helps the user save a lot of cash. They are meant to withstand challenging conditions without breaking down. If you don't know where to start, they can help you select a machine with the right dig depth and operating weight.



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Komatsu banner
  • Best for - versatile excavators
  • Price - depends on your dealer
  • Operating weight - up to 5.3 Ton

Komatsu has been at the forefront of manufacturing material handling equipment. These mini excavators are no different from any other machine in their collection. They are highly versatile and can handle small and heavy-duty projects. They guarantee a reduced total cost of ownership on all their models.



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Bobcat banner
  • Best for - outstanding performance in tight areas
  • Price - get a quote online
  • Operating weight - up to 18 Ton

Bobcat is a famous brand because they manufacture great excavators and similar equipment. With plenty of choices, it’s easy to get an excavator that fits your needs. They have different swing types and capabilities. The differentiating factor is the size and the operating weight.



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