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Best 5 Mobile Offices Companies

Office space is costly to buy or rent, especially for a new company. But mobile offices are a great alternative. They are reliable, have easier mobility, and can save you money. There are a few manufacturers dedicated to making such offices. These five are among the best.

Last Updated April 2024

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  • Best for - comfort and functionality
  • Average cost - varies depending on office size
  • Renting option - they accept renters

If you want to move away from the traditional office concept and get something more flexible, consider WillScot. They have everything from large multi-unit offices to single office trailers. They have helped many businesses and organizations establish themselves.



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Abtech banner
  • Best for - large workspaces
  • Average cost - get a quote
  • Renting option - you can rent an office

Modular is a manufacturer, designer, and installer of highly engineered mobile offices. They make a lot of portable buildings for schools or businesses. Everything can be customized to your liking. They ensure their portable buildings can withstand different weather conditions.



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Par Kut International

  • Best for - portable steel buildings
  • Average cost - customized prices
  • Renting option - not specified

Par Kut International has been making portable buildings for over 60 years. They make security booths, guardhouses, parking booths, and offices. They use technology to improve their manufacturing process. They have done a lot of collaborations in the past to come up with different designs and styles of portable buildings.



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Panel Built Inc banner
  • Best for - custom modular offices
  • Average cost - varies depending on the office
  • Renting option - renting is possible

Panel Built claims to have faster completion times than competitors. Instead of building a traditional office that takes time, they can deliver a functional space within a short time. They are very creative with the designs they come up with. You can see from their testimonies that these mobile buildings are functional and practical in real life. People are using them to run businesses and grow companies.



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Speed Space banner
  • Best for - high-quality material
  • Average cost - get a quote
  • Renting option - not specified

Speed Space assures you of quality by using the best building materials. They mostly make inplant offices, laboratories, portable lockers, and some bulletproof buildings. The buildings come with a complete roof and floor system. They have a gallery that showcases some of their works from past clients. It can be a great inspiration for the type of office you should get.



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