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AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility has a variety of mobile plans on its AT&T Mobility mobile network. It is one of the leading networks, and it covers 99% of American households with 5G mobile coverage in over ten thousand cities and 5G Plus, available in some parts of 13 cities.

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AT&T Mobility Review

AT&T Mobility has a variety of mobile plans on its AT&T Mobility mobile network. It is one of the leading networks, and it covers 99% of American households with 5G mobile coverage in over ten thousand cities and 5G Plus, available in some parts of 13 cities.

All plans come with unlimited minutes, text, and data — although high-speed data capped. The AT &T mobility plans are best when paying for many lines because the price drops. Paying a plan for one line is expensive. The data speed is fast, which makes it a good option for families.



AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility Review

In Summary

AT&T is a telecommunications company with several cell phone plans with various options, although all the plans have unlimited minutes, text messages, and data. AT&T Mobility has the largest network in the US. It has more than 176 million subscribers through its wireless network and third-party internet and mobile providers that lease part of the network.

The 5G mobile network has coverage in about fourteen thousand cities and towns in the US, with more than 225 million people. AT&T 5G Plus is available in thirteen cities in the US.


The wireless network has some advantages such as:

  • All the plans under AT&T have access to 5G
  • Subscribers in Us, Canada, and Mexico have unlimited talk, text messages, and data
  • There are several plan options
  • Premium plans give you access the highest level of security


  • Because of the large number of people on the network, data speeds can slow down when it is busy.
  • Pricey for single users

A Quick Look at AT&T

  • Most Suitable For: Families with heavy data usage
  • Cost Monthly: $35 to $50 for every line for up to four people
  • Network: AT&T Mobility
  • Phone Use: You can use your phone.

AT&T Services and Elements

All AT&T plans and packages come with the following features:

  • Talk, text, and data are all unlimited.
  • In Mexico and Canada, you have unlimited call, text, and data, while the data speed available is 2G
  • Access to 5G is inclusive in the cities and towns where it exists
  • Unlimited messaging from the United States to more than 120 countries
  • In some places, curbside pickup or same-day delivery is available.
  • Some areas have access to help setting up your device is available.
  • All plans include spam and fraud call blocking and caller ID, and identity monitoring for premium plans.

Cost, Plans, and Best Deal

AT&T has four different plans, three of which include unlimited data and one of which includes 4GB of data.

The unlimited data plans cost $65 to $85 monthly for every line, while five users will pay $30 to $45 monthly for up to five users. Each of the unlimited plans will have access to high-speed data. It is important to note, however, when the network is busy, there will be a decrease in the data speeds available.

All the plans are broken down below:

| | Unlimited Elite | Unlimited Extra | Unlimited Starter | |---|---|---|---| |**Premium Data**|100 GB | 50 GB | None | |**Cell Phone Security**|Advanced | Advanced | Standard | |**Hotspot Data**|High definition | Standard-definition | Standard-definition | |**HBO Max**| Included | N/A | N/A |
The 4GB plan, which is different from the unlimited plans, will cost $50 monthly for one line for one subscriber. For three to five users per line, the monthly cost will be $40. The data is 4GB per line with unlimited talk and text messaging for the US, Canada, and Mexico.

AT&T gives discounts to people who have served in the military, are currently serving, first responders, nurses, physicians, and teachers. All these people are eligible for up to a twenty percent discount. Members under the AT&T Signature Program are eligible for discounts of $10 monthly for every line if they are on the Unlimited Elite plan.

If you would like more data while on any of the plans above, you can pay for extra data at the following costs for each of the devices listed below:

  • Tablets - $20 every month
  • Smartwatches - $10 every month
  • Vehicle where the whole car becomes a Wifi hotspot  - $20 every month
  • Harman Spark, which is vehicle health monitoring for your vehicle - $25 every month

Getting Started

To use the AT&T network, you can use your device or upgrade to a new one. Your mobile phone must be compatible with the AT&T Mobility network, and you can find out if it is by checking on the company website when looking to begin your subscription. To get started on the network, follow the instructions that come with the SIM card.

These instructions are on the company website under the support section. If you would like additional support, you can access it in particular areas that will offer dedicated help. You can find what these areas are on the website.

Models Of Phones Available

If you would like to use the network with a phone from the company, either because you would prefer a new phone or because your device is not compatible, you can get a new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy which you can pay for in a thirty-month installment plan. After you finish paying for the device and you would like to upgrade it, you can do so. For early upgrades or trade-in options, you will pay $5 extra monthly.

The current deals are $13.34 monthly for an iPhone SE,  $26.67 monthly for an iPhone 12, $23.34 monthly for a Samsung S20, and $40.00/month for a new Samsung S21.

Another deal you can get is when you add a new line or upgrade what you currently are using, and you are eligible to get up to $800 off a smartphone in that category.

AT&T Call and Text Quality

AT&T Mobility offers 99% of services to Americans. Most customers on the network give good reviews of the talk services with excellent services in most areas. However, there have been some complaints around rural areas.

AT&T Data Speeds

AT&T network offers 5G coverage for most subscribers, with the remaining thirds being on 4G while very few subscribers 3G. However, AT&T's competitors T-Mobile and Verizon, have a broader 5G coverage. The data speeds are sufficient for streaming audio and video except for the premium data caps when the network is slow and for the 4GB data plan where the rates will slow down after exceeding.

When on the Starter package, AT&T can reduce the data speeds at any time. On Extra plan, data speeds will become slower when you exceed 50 GB, and the Elite plan will have speeds slow down 100 GB monthly premium data caps.

AT&T Customer Support

AT&T does not have good reviews, with over ninety percent of the reviews being negative. Some of the issues raised are wrong bills, poor response rate, long waiting times, and slow resolutions to issues raised. However, this problem seems to run in major communication companies, and AT&T is not worse than its business rivals.

Customer support is available on the website support page by checking questions asked, calling 800-331-0500 or 611 from the network.


Q. Is AT&T and AT&T Mobility the same thing?

A. AT&T Inc. is the parent company and is the largest global telecommunications company providing the most mobile telephone services globally. AT&T Mobility is AT&T's wireless carrier, which offers mobile and internet services to over 176 million subscribers to AT&T and certain third-party mobile/wireless companies.

Q. Does AT&T limit data speeds after particular usage?

A. Yes. With high data usage, and once you surpass your data limit for your premium monthly plan, AT&T may slow down your data speeds when the network is busy.

Q. Does AT&T have no-contract plans?

A. Yes. If you don't want to commit to a contract, you have the option of getting onto AT & T's prepaid plans. However, these are more pricey and offer less data use than unlimited plans.

Final Thoughts

AT&T is a great option and value for money for families, but not so much for individuals. Individual plans are expensive, but four or five users on one line is a better value option. This is because you will pay less and enjoy great data speeds.

AT&T offers faster speeds than the third-party operators that use its network. This makes it a good choice for families which have need for a lot of data. You can access the No-commitment pre-paid plans if you do not want to commit under a contract. AT&T is pricey; however it offers good services and is a good option.