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Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a Dish Network subsidiary after Dish Network bought it from Sprint. Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile's network in the US but will move over to Dish Wireless's 5G network in the future. Boost Mobile is popular for its prepaid plans, which are cheap.

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Boost Mobile Review

Boost Mobile is a Dish Network subsidiary after Dish Network bought it from Sprint. Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile's network in the US but will move over to Dish Wireless's 5G network in the future. Boost Mobile is popular for its prepaid plans, which are cheap.

Plans start from $10 monthly for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of high-speed data to $45 monthly for unlimited talk and text and 15 GB high-speed data. There are discounts of $10 monthly for people who make six payments of the $45 plan on time.



Boost Mobile

In A Nutshell

Boost Mobile is a brand that deals with wireless telecommunications. They offer prepaid and pay-as-you-go phone plans. The company offers everything you could ever need in a wireless carrier. It's one of the fastest and largest 5G networks in the US. They have partnered with tons of national retailers to provide exceptional services. Boost Mobile has incredible deals; you can enjoy up to 40% off with a six months prepayment, unlimited text and talk, and 2GB of data per month. They also have phone deals that are unmatched by most of their competitors.


  • 99% nationwide coverage
  • No annual service contracts
  • Wide selection of phones from top brands
  • High-speed data
  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Affordable prepaid rates


  • Poor rural coverage

Boost Mobile at a Glance

  • Network: TMobile (MVNO)
  • Best for: Affordable long term 5G network connectivity
  • Use your own phone: Yes
  • Price: Starts from $ 9 per month for your first six months
  • Plan: Unlimited text, talk, and 1GB (for the basic plan)

What Services and Features Does Boost Mobile Offer

5G Access

Boost Mobile offers fast 5G access at affordable rates without any annual contracts. They also have add-on services, including international calling, phone insurance apps, and so much more.  You should check to see which add-ons are compatible with your plan. Phone screeners always tell you who is calling and privacy premiums where you can keep your sensitive information. Boost Perks is a rewards program that gives you access to special deals, exclusive perks, and a chance to win VIP experiences.

Overseas Deployment Support

Boost allows servicemen and women to suspend Boost Mobile services when they get deployed. Their accounts are kept active until they are back in the country. The military personnel will not incur any reactivations fees. They want to give them one less thing to worry about when they are serving the country.

Visual Voicemail

You will be able to see your voicemail messages displayed in a visual form. There will be no more inconveniences of trying to log into your mailbox to listen to messages. They will transcribe your audio and forward it to your email. You will also use domestic roaming and personal hotspot around the house.

Prices, Plans, and Value for Money

The two Go unlimited plans are the most popular and best value for money. Regardless of the Boost plan you choose, you can keep your phone number, get a free sim card worth $ 9.99, and a free mobile hotspot. When you buy unlimited texts and calls with 2GB every month for six months, you will save a lot of money. But after six months, you will go back to paying $ 15 per month. However, these are the two main plans and what they offer.

| Plan | what’s offered | | ------------- | ------------- | | $50 Go Unlimited | 35 GB, 4G/5G data | | | 12 GB mobile hotspot | | | Unlimited talk and text | | | Additional line for $ 30 per month | | $60 Unlimited | 35 GB, 4G/5G data | | | Unlimited talk and text | | | 30 GB mobile hotspot | | | Additional line for $ 40 per month |

Activation Process

You can easily migrate to the Boost Mobile network with the help of their support team. Activation will only take a couple of days, and they allow bring-your-own phone options. If your current handset is compatible, there won't be any need to change it. If you have any difficulties transitioning the customer support is there to help.

Selections of Phones Available

Boot Mobile phone selection is very vast. They have devices from all the top brands, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Wiko, and Motorola. But you can bring your iPhone or Android phone if they are compatible. They also have hotspot devices you can explore.

Boost Mobile Call and Text Performance

All Boost Mobile plans include unlimited minutes and texts. They support international connections at a fee. With the available add-ons, you will make calls from the United States to any other country in the World. When you want unlimited calls from Canada, Mexico and reduced per-minute rates in over 200 destinations across the globe, you will pay an additional $ 10.  Their performance is commendable, especially with the many international and local options.

Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Boost Mobile does not own its network. It only allows you to access the largest and fastest 5G networks in the country. That means the speed you experience depends on your location. If you are somewhere remote, you won't enjoy the same speed as someone from a big city. Boost allows you to check the coverage in your area using the zip code. You will know if there is great network availability in your location before you pay for services.

Boost Mobile Customer Service

Boost Mobile has invested a lot in customer support. Their FAQs section alone covers almost all the burning questions related to their services. They have tips that cover common topics on the site as well. You can also call them with inquiries or when your phone gets stolen. There are chat agents available from Monday to Sunday. On the issues you can resolve yourself, they provide detailed guides on the website.


How Do I Keep Track Of My Balance, Payment Date, And Charges?

You can log into your account to see your payment dates, balance, and a list of activities. You may also use your Boost Mobile phone by dialing #BAL (#225). Keeping track of your payment is very crucial.

What Networks Does Boost Mobile Provide?

Boost provides 4G/5G networks nationwide. But since they don't own any network, they will rely on any available coverage in your location.

How Can You Get Monthly Discounts?

There is a huge discount when you pay for a plan for six months. Ensure your payment is made on time. However, you should be a frequent visitor to the website to see any changes to the monthly pricing.

What Features Does The Boost Mobile Support?

They support many features, including domestic data roaming, international calling, personal hotspot, MMS, visual voicemail, and account management. There are additional services and features, but that will depend on the plan you get.

Is Boost A CDMA Or GSM-Based Network?

Boost is a mobile virtual network operator that uses CDMA technology. They don't own their own network infrastructure.

Does Boost Have Family Plans?

Boost offers family plans by allowing additional lines. You can add up to ten different lines depending on what you can afford.

Bottom Line

Boost Mobile is a reliable network provider that serves many people and families in the US. They have plenty of useful features and different packages to fit every budget. Their collection of phones and discounts makes them all the more appealing. They make switching very simple and hassle-free. There are no annual contracts that bind you to them. You get a free sim card, and you can keep your number when you switch. The company is worth considering.