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Best 5 Office Cubicle Companies

Office cubicles can help you utilize a small area and give your employees a personal space to work in. There are plenty of companies dedicated to making these cubicles. Sometimes picking the best from the flooded market can be a hassle. That's why this article is meant to help you compare five companies and pick one that has the best products and services.

Last Updated June 2024

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  • Best for - a complete solution from planning, delivery, installation and after-sale follow-ups
  • Price - depends on the office’s specifics
  • Warranty - limited lifetime warranty

Clone Cubicles has worked with businesses and offices for more than twenty years. They have a comprehensive design program. They can help you plan what your office workstation should look like. They give you many finishing and color options, and you can pick which size the cubicles should be. They are an A-rated company on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their team will help with installation and many other services during the purchase. The lifetime warranty is given to the initial purchaser.



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Herman Miller banner
  • Best for - private and home offices
  • Price - customized quote
  • Warranty - 12-year warranty on parts and labor

Herman Miller is an author when it comes to cubicles. They have all sorts of office furnishings, and they also help people who work from home create a worthy working space. They have elaborate working stations that can bring people together while still working on their own. They use research-based insight to create the most comfortable cubicles. Their products are versatile, flexible and can highly be customized. They work closely with you and the design you have in mind. You can also pick from their many available options.



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Steelcase banner
  • Best for - diver panels, partitions, and cubicle walls
  • Price - vary from office to office
  • Warranty - limited lifetime warranty

Once you have your office specifications, Steelcase can deliver cubicles that fit the space without looking cramped. They provide a heightened level of privacy for the team using modern designs and beautiful color schemes to make the office feel different. They have been trailblazers in the category for many years. Their regional warranties differ depending on where you are from, but Americans get a limited lifetime warranty. However, they are confident you won't need the warranty. Ensure you check out their gallery first before getting a quote.



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Knoll banner
  • Best for - advanced office planning
  • Price - contact the company for a customized quote
  • Warranty - limited lifetime warranty

For over five years, Knoll has been using innovative systems storage, furniture and other workstation solutions to revolutionize office planning. Your cubicle can be tailored depending on how big or small your office is. Not all furniture brands allow customers to design what they want. They can help you plan using their years of experience and expertise. Their open-plan furniture system is worth considering. It’s functional yet still elegantly attractive.



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Cubicles.com banner
  • Best for - open office space
  • Price - customized quotes
  • Warranty - 1 year - limited lifetime warranty

Cubicles.com can help you transform an open office space into a fully-functioning working area. The cubicles are designed to give privacy and make the workers comfortable. You can buy used cubicles if you want something durable on a low budget. They offer leasing options as well. The lease option is great if you need a temporary working station. The cubicle-in-an-hour option is furniture you can assemble within one hour. You decide on the color scheme that compliments the space. The company offers repairs and maintenance services when you need them.



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Top 5 Office cubicles Providers


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