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Top 5 Payroll Service Providers

Payroll services help businesses with many things starting with compliance risk management. The online company can also enhance accuracy in your organization and save you a lot of time in the process. You can focus on other pressing business matters while they handle payroll-related issues. If your company is looking for a reliable payroll service provider, consider these five options.

Last Updated July 2022

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  • Best for - large businesses
  • Price - customized prices
  • Unlimited payroll - not available

With ADP, companies get a self-service employee portal, small business marketing schemes, paper checks, and direct deposit payment methods. They accept over fifty thousand employees, depending on your company's size. They offer a custom monthly starting price if you pick any of their four plans. But they have special offers on the website all the time.



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  • Best for - small, growing, and midsized businesses
  • Price - starts at $ 59 (base fee)
  • Unlimited payroll - available

Paychex is one of the most reliable payroll services companies with an easy-to-understand website today. They provide various services like tax obligations, management of payroll services, and even a variety of HR Responsibilities. The company has over 45 years of experience in the industry.



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Rippling banner
  • Best for - user-friendly software
  • Price - $ 8 per employee per month
  • Unlimited payroll - available

Rippling is a well-connected payroll service company that can pay contractors or employees anywhere in the world. They offer employees their pay in time and in the manner of their choosing. It syncs all your HR data to ensure the payrolls are as accurate as possible. They automatically calculate your payroll taxes and file them.



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Gusto banner
  • Best for - payroll services and extra HR tools
  • Price - Starts from $ 19 (base fee)
  • Unlimited payroll - available

With the additional HR training and management services, Gusto has proven to be the most efficient for upcoming businesses that still need aid in management. They offer payroll processing and payroll tax management schemes. You will also get access to HR professionals who will help your business.



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Onpay banner
  • Best for - advanced payroll and HR solutions
  • Price - Starts from $36 (base fee)
  • Unlimited payroll - available

For small businesses, OnPay is the most recommended payroll service company. But they are also more than capable of handling advanced needs. They guarantee payroll accuracy, and the taxes are automated. Their expert support and resources are always available.



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Top 5 Payroll Services Providers


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