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Best Pest Control Companies

Choosing the best business to handle your pest issue may be difficult. Hundreds of businesses advertise themselves as the greatest option to keep your home or place of business pest-free. However, some services could not be the best match for your pest control requirements based on your region, the kind of infestation and your timeframe. Here is a list of reputable pest control service providers to consider:

Last Updated July 2024

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  • Best For - Comprehensive pest control services and nationwide coverage
  • Rating - 4.5/5

Orkin has been around for more than 120 years. They have built a reputation by offering efficient pest control services. They will inspect your home and ensure there are no more pests when they are done. They take a proactive approach to keeping you safe during the pest eradication process.



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Terminix banner
  • Best For - Proven pest control methods and extensive experience
  • Rating - 4.4/5

Terminix Company has experience in terminating different kinds of pests. You can get a monthly plan for any kind of pest treatment at affordable rates. They have a special offer for mosquitos at $ 39, but the prices may change over time.



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Aptive banner
  • Best For - Environmentally conscious pest control solutions
  • Rating - 4.2/5

Aptive is dedicated to creating all-season treatments for your home in case of an infestation. They are an award-winning company with local experts that can respond to your emergency. Their powerful, effective treatments are also environmentally friendly.



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Rentokil banner
  • Best For - Comprehensive pest control with a global presence
  • Rating - 4.3/5

Rentokil helps homes and commercial properties get rid of seasonal and all-season pests. They also offer disinfection services. They have years of experience and trained staff. You need a professional to handle pests without putting you in danger.



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Critter Control banner
  • Best For - Humane wildlife removal and exclusion services
  • Rating - 4.4/5

Critter Control Company has specialized in removing your wild unwelcomed friends. They safely take the animals away from your property, leaving your home in excellent condition. The company has been operational since 1983.



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Rapid banner
  • Best For - Fast response and emergency pest control services
  • Rating - 4.1/5

Rapid Pest Control is a professional pest management company specialising in eradicating and controlling various pests, including insects, rodents, birds, and wildlife. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Rapid Pest Control has become a trusted name in pest management services throughout North America.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology and environmentally-friendly methods to safely and effectively eliminate pests from homes and businesses. Rapid Pest Control's team of certified technicians are highly trained and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that pests are removed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to pest control services, Rapid Pest Control offers prevention and maintenance services to ensure that pests do not return. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to quality service has earned them a reputation as one of the leading pest management companies in the industry.



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