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Project management software is key to ensuring that everything is intact and well organized. It helps to provide sanity to a world that is evolving now and then. It also helps firms keep track of time, budget, scope, and resources leading to increased output. In this article, you will be able to understand how this software works.

Last Updated November 2022

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  • Starting Price - $10 monthly per user
  • Suitable For - Mid-size companies
  • Free Trial - available

WorkOtter is enterprise-level software for managing projects, with an HTML5 Gantt chart and a drag-and-drop interface for rearranging tasks and establishing dependencies. Within the grid layout, it allows for in-line modifying. The software's features, which include critical path analysis, capital expenditure planning, program management, and earned value analysis, are all geared at facilitating the expansion and success of existing businesses.

Regarding project management, WorkOtter is flexible enough to accommodate agile, Scrum, MSP, and waterfall approach. Users may make projections using various approaches based on teams, work plans, and resource plans. Similarly, a combination of these Users may keep track of problems, threats, shifts, assistance, and takes using project logs. A team's project schedule may be made public for transparency, with relevant stakeholders receiving automated alerts and email notifications.



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Zoho banner
  • Starting Price - $5 per month
  • Free Trial - Available
  • Free Version - Available

Project management has never been easier than with Zoho Projects, a cloud-based service for businesses of all sizes. It provides project planning and costing, which helps managers create tasks, delegate them to teams, estimate expenses, and monitor progress. Tracking changes, managing who has access, and finding old documents are just some of the tasks that Zoho Projects automates.

In addition to the usual functionality, this product has a document management system that acts as a central hub for exchanging files between employees. Managers may use the issue management tools provided by Zoho Projects to fix mistakes made throughout the project. Users are aided in creating business reports and management summaries by a dashboard and reporting module. Gantt charts provide users with a visual representation of how jobs are progressing about their original timelines and budgets.



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FunctionFox banner
  • Rates - From $5month per user
  • Free trial - 14 days
  • Features - Limited unless you’re on the highest tier

FunctionFox is not as popular as other known competitors, but what is important is that it’s effective in doing it. This project management software ensures that managers and team leaders lessen admin time. It also helps to track the progress and improve workflow efficiency all around.

FunctionFox gives you a chance to customize your dashboard so that you can see what is important. This software gives you a chance to stay on track with your expense account by comparing the estimated budget with real numbers. It has a great template meaning that you won’t have stress when starting a new project.



FunctionFox logo
Paymo banner
  • Rates - From $8.95 per month
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Features - Chat

Paymo contains a special tool that enables project managers to have an easy time allocating their projects. Managing a task is always the most difficult feature, but Paymo contains tools that enable managers to organize tasks and deliver on time. For a project manager staying on top of your timeline is a daunting task; that's why you will need a web-based time tracking system that contains browser tracker customized team sheet and agile time entry cards to assist you. Paymo is also good at reporting real-time reports and graphs viewing by day, week, and month.



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LiquidPlanner banner
  • Rates - $45
  • Free trial - no
  • Features - limited

LiquidPlanner is one of the best project management software, and what makes it unique is its complexity, unlike traditional management apps. It’s able to manage resources, work, and staff at the same time. It's a bit specialized, so it requires time to study, but when you’re through, you will leap big. It helps large firms keep track of their workflow to the extent it has been awarded several awards. This software enables firms that are serious about increasing their profit since it can manage resources perfectly.



LiquidPlanner logo
Resource Guru banner
  • Best For - Businesses that want to track their work and meet the deadline
  • Starting Price - $19
  • Free Trial - available
  • Rating - 8.0/10

Resource Guru provides a way to schedule available resources to help busy teams stay on track. Regardless of the size of your business, you can use this tool to quickly and easily organize your workforce and divide up your projects. Project managers and team leads use Resource Guru to increase productivity without overworking employees. They can see everyone's schedules in one place, make changes to appointments in a matter of minutes, and address last-minute conflicts as they arise.

You can organize your staff, independent contractors, tools, and conference spaces using Resource Guru. You can quickly identify the resources you need using robust filters, and availability can be monitored in real-time to prevent multiple bookings and unfeasible workloads. The built-in leave control systems simplify tracking and managing time off for vacations, sick days, and other reasons. Project planning and budgeting are streamlined with in-depth reports that provide information about utilization rates, billable hours, customers, and projects.



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