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Best 7 Project Management Software

Project management software is key to ensuring that everything is intact and well organized. It helps to provide sanity to a world that is evolving now and then. It also helps firms keep track of time, budget, scope, and resources leading to increased output. In this article, you will be able to understand how this software works.

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  • Best for - Ideal for visual thinkers.
  • Price - The minimum cost for members is $8 per seat each month (a three-seat minimum).
  • Free Trial - 14-day free trial.'s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system It's become a must-have for both average businesses and startups. Startups because it provides them with everything they need to manage their relationships in one place. It includes email marketing automation tools like Nuzzel for staying up on industry trends without doing all this tedious research yourself! is a company that makes it easy to manage your pipeline and grow as an entrepreneur with its simple yet powerful tools. Tools such as the ability for you to capture lead details in one central spot or prioritize customers. This is by assigning them individual tasks based on what's best suited for them while also tracking sales progress reports to see how much more work needs to be done going forward!

One of the reasons why this CRM software has been so popular is because it allows for collaboration. Thanks to its Kanban view, teams can Put their research in one central location, and sharing information may be why Wix and other industry leaders like Philips prefer it as a go-to solution!

This software is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with your team on projects and communicate more efficiently across departments! With over 20 services that integrate into each other, there's no need for busy employees or clients alike not to take advantage of all it offers them. Whether they're working from home after surgery; traveling abroad where email access may be limited by protocol (or just too darn slow)


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  • Rates - From $7 per month
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Features - Comments, file sharing, @ mentions

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that enables firms to have a dynamic plan which leads to innovation and good business returns.

Most companies depend on Smartsheet to connect the entire enterprise. It offers the opportunity to deal with changing needs of work in different departments.



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  • Rates - From $5month per user
  • Free trial - 14 days
  • Features - Limited unless you’re on the highest tier

FunctionFox is not as popular as other known competitors, but what is important is that it’s effective in doing it. This project management software ensures that managers and team leaders lessen admin time. It also helps to track the progress and improve workflow efficiency all around.

FunctionFox gives you a chance to customize your dashboard so that you can see what is important. This software gives you a chance to stay on track with your expense account by comparing the estimated budget with real numbers. It has a great template meaning that you won’t have stress when starting a new project.



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  • Rates - From $8.95 per month
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Features - Chat

Paymo contains a special tool that enables project managers to have an easy time allocating their projects. Managing a task is always the most difficult feature, but Paymo contains tools that enable managers to organize tasks and deliver on time. For a project manager staying on top of your timeline is a daunting task; that's why you will need a web-based time tracking system that contains browser tracker customized team sheet and agile time entry cards to assist you. Paymo is also good at reporting real-time reports and graphs viewing by day, week, and month.



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  • Rates - $45
  • Free trial - no
  • Features - limited

LiquidPlanner is one of the best project management software, and what makes it unique is its complexity, unlike traditional management apps. It’s able to manage resources, work, and staff at the same time. It's a bit specialized, so it requires time to study, but when you’re through, you will leap big. It helps large firms keep track of their workflow to the extent it has been awarded several awards. This software enables firms that are serious about increasing their profit since it can manage resources perfectly.



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  • Best For - Freshbooks is recommended for small businesses, freelancers and consultants. (All plans are available at $15/month, paid annually.)
  • Rates - All Plans are available at $15/month, paid annually.
  • Free version - Freshbooks offers a free plan with no limitations on the number of clients or invoices.

Freshbooks was started in 2002 by the ex-lawyer of Mike McDerment. Freshbooks offers excellent features to manage small businesses & freelance projects easily. It has everything needed, i.e. Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Time Tracking etc., that are expected from an accounting software but offers all these at a low price of $15/month paid annually for all plans. There are three types of programs available- Basic, Standard & Premium, which differ in features they offer.



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