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Pipedrive's CRM pipeline makes tracking sales leads a piece of cake. It combines the best of everything that may help this sort of company - workflow automation and analytics tools and customizable lead stages - in one package that prioritizes convenience over complexity.

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PipeDrive Review

Pipedrive's CRM pipeline makes tracking sales leads a piece of cake. It combines the best of everything that may help this sort of company - workflow automation and analytics tools and customizable lead stages - in one package that prioritizes convenience over complexity.

The channel is a sales-force automation (SFA) tool that allows teams to capture, track and prioritize leads. The Customer Data may be readily inserted into the pipeline as they develop or lag. Hence, it's easy for your company's customer service representatives to know who should action on what type of request!

Lead booster pipeline also has an innovative Chatbox feature called lead routing. This automatically routes hot clients through chat channels depending upon how ready you think their information might make them feel about purchasing something from us--and sync this with whichever CRM(s)? They're already using, which means excellent data consistency between all parties involved.




Pipedrive CRM – Review

CRM in a Snapshot

Customer and relationship management has grown into an important niche for operations in small and medium-sized businesses. Pipedrive CRM is a good service in this market that now works for more than 90 000 teams within the industry across the world. The teams and businesses that have tried it attest to the simple design and a good suit. The users do not need setup hassles before they begin. They can also try it at no cost before they start payments. Small and middle-level businesses find this a tool that captures their needs and brings ease to their operations.

Here is what you get;

Features in a glimpse

Most Ideal users: Small businesses and middle-level organizations that desire to control growth from within them in operations.

Main Application: Operating leads.

Cost: Prices from $12.50 and goes to $99 for enterprise

Trial: Free two weeks

Recap on What You Get with Pipedrive CRM

Today, many businesses want a tool that will increase simplicity while keeping value and efficiency. Pipedrive gives the right features for making sales reports and forecasts and opens up a library of resources to the user. The other things that users will find here include app integrations and capturing and retaining data. The solution works with mobiles and the main operating systems.

Capabilities on Sales

Pipedrive works with leads whose core area is in teams that will use it for marketing and sales. Users can organize leads and work at every stage by aligning operations with needs and the correspondence that will work well for its market. Teams connect well and share information through simple templates that they can edit and synchronize along as they work.

The operations in teams also become easier with the smart search for data. The users within groups can recall information from the working tools and spaces. They will then share the information easily through the mail. The details users recall will have identifiable data on address, employment, and their targets' professional profiles.

The processes are easier with Pipedrive because users have buttons for updates on CRM functions. Once the members are good with the controls and widgets, everything else is simple before them.

Pipedrive also gives automation tools that manage workflow and operations. Users do not spend much time on repetitive tasks like email triggers and other correspondence. Instead, they can work for all these hands-off and convert the operations and functions into a simple and complete workflow.

Client Oriented Capabilities

While Pipedrive does not have a helpdesk for the customers, its tools also have something for support. The team can work on the web and create forms to capture information that resolves their issues.

Pipedrive has worked with others to avail different tools that are independent for the users. These tools like Nectar Desk, Slaask and SupportBee work well with their applications and resolve their problems. There are functions that users get, like calls and recordings, without leaving the site.

Marketing Orientation

Pipedrive does not leave out marketing but makes it the main focus. The composing and editing tools native within give the following;

  • Direct CRM and communication.
  • Automated messages and templates are ready with the criteria that the user settles with for themselves.
  • Broadcast for mail and a way to automate capture within the system. Pipedrive can even match conversations on record with details of recipients they have with them.
  • Users are notified in real-time about new communication or any task that is pending.
  • A choice for the activity types that go with the marketing initiatives and other logs that will work well within site.

Native Functions and Composite Features

Pipedrive also tweaks the function to what the users want. There are common features like;

  • Sales, stages and types as features and functions that are specific to the organization.
  • An API that will work with third parties and still allow the primary marketing activity within the site according to users' needs.
  • Functions and apps that combine internally and externally. The examples here are VoIP, Power Dialer and Ring.io. Others are oriented for accounting and bookkeeping according to the needs of the firm.

Results and Access

Once Pipedrive works on activity and sales, the reports are ready for managers to retrieve and view on the dashboard.

The same buttons from earlier make it easy to filter and focus on the most important stats. There are metrics and averages that the users or managers view to know more about access and the value of these deals.

The forecasts and reports are easy to generate in ways that point to the achievements and results for each period.

Some tools also disaggregate the items so that there are values and predictions on each level. Values come from history and move with the open opportunities present. The projections are practical and realistic with the intended estimates on weight in the market. Such relevance makes it easier to have calculations and forecasts for the business.

Hand-Held Functionalities

Pipedrive is on both IOS and Android. The operating systems will give users the following;

  • CRM information for the users through the web.
  • Data sync and retrieval, even where there is no connectivity.
  • Automation for management tasks, the usual paperwork and submission of reports. It also works for calls and communications.

Costs and Packages

There are four levels for the depth of functionality that users will get on Pipedrive CRM. At each, users can choose an annual or month's plan. All levels have services for calendar entry and management, sales and revenue, scheduling and forecasting.


  • One dashboard
  • Customer support by chat
  • Ease of Implementation and Use
  • From $12.50


  • All features in essential
  • Single dashboard
  • From $24.90


  • All earlier features
  • 60 workflow automation
  • From $49.90
  • Three permission sets
  • Customer service through voice call


  • More features from all above plus others
  • 100 automation for work
  • From $99
  • Unlimited permission sets

Relationship Management

Pipedrive has technology that will work well with minimum failure. When hitches arise, customers will get good service and help according to their levels. The earlier tiers will have chat service while the upper classes enjoy voice call service.

There is a desk with multimedia functions that has guidance and tutorials for the users. Pipedrive employs a topical strategy when looking at the issues, making it easier to track them and resolve them effectively. Technology has added the app function with a two-way channel for service and sync. There is a one-to-one means that users find on the mail ticketing channel.


CRM determines business value and performance today. Pipedrive is the choice for this work that appeals to the market and has the credentials to match. Its tools extend function and make it easier to work across sales, operations, marketing and customer service. Its effectiveness is primarily on middle-level organizations and users. Perhaps, with growth, they may need other channels to extend function and benefit from use in operations.