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Solar power is becoming more popular for homes to save expenditures amid rising inflation. As a bonus, installing a battery storage system lessens your demands on the utility company. Keep reading If you are interested in solar energy but are unsure which company would best fit you.

Last Updated June 2023

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  • Best For - Customers who want various financing options for their solar system.
  • State Availability - 21 states, including Puerto Rico.
  • Rating - 4.5/5

Sunrun is a top pick for solar energy finance because of the flexible payment plans it provides to homeowners. Monthly leases, paid-in-full leases, outright purchases, and monthly loans are all available. Sunrun promises that roof penetrations will stay waterproof for ten years and provides free upkeep and equipment replacement, including parts and labor. A performance warranty covers the first 25 years of service for the customer.

Sunrun does more than sell solar panels; they provide cutting-edge battery backup systems. Ford F-150 Lightning owners may utilize the company's Home Integration System to recharge their vehicles or power their homes for up to ten days.



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SunPower banner
  • Best For - Customers who want to customize their solar installation.
  • State Availability - 50 states.
  • Rating - 4.7/5

SunPower is among the greatest solar panel manufacturer because of its vast distribution and extensive warranties. In contrast to its competitors, the company operates across all US states. Similarly, the SunPower Design Studio

lets you personalize your solar installation, see what solar panels look like on your house, and estimate your monthly savings depending on your current electricity bill.

SunPower also sells a battery backup system called the SunVault Storage system, designed to keep a house running even if the power goes out.



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Solar America banner
  • Best For - Users who want to benefit from the savings and cost calculator.
  • State Availability - 17 states.
  • Rating - 4.8/5

If you are a homeowner interested in using solar energy to power your home, Solar America is a great place to start. The firm lists the most successful solar installers in every state in the USA. The portal aims to facilitate communication between solar customers and businesses that may assist them in setting up a clean, renewable energy source. Solar America is just an extra tool for consumers to utilize when researching the solar panel installation companies and manufacturers that would be ideal for their unique properties.

The Solar America platform has established ties with many prominent market participants. With these connections, solar wholesalers, manufacturers, and even local installers can help customers narrow down the seemingly infinite number of solar energy solutions available. Solar America is not a solar panel installation business, which is a crucial distinction. Nothing related to solar energy is produced there, either.



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AskSolar banner
  • Best For - Customers whose goals include lowering their energy use and associated expenses.
  • Rating - 4.5/5

Ask Solar was established in 2016 as a marketplace for solar energy services. The company's goal is to assist people in locating the solar energy system and contractor that would best meet their requirements in terms of cost savings and environmental impact reduction. Its partner companies provide free installation, which may save customers significant money on their solar panels.

The financing availability is subject to your chosen provider's terms and conditions. Ask Solar advertises that it can assist you in evaluating loan, lease, and buy choices to identify the most suitable financing strategy. To help you better understand the real costs and advantages, the firm may also inform you of any applicable tax incentives for new solar systems. Ask Solar may be helpful if you only need to identify a solar energy system designer and installation.



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Sesame Solar banner
  • Best For - Emergency response solutions.
  • Warranty - 1- 20 years.
  • Rating - 4.6/5

In the event of a natural catastrophe, Sesame Solar is the go-to solar energy provider for quick, effective solutions. The Michigan-based firm is constructing the first sustainable and portable Nano grid to aid communities in times of need. In addition to helping individual households, Sesame Solar is intended to benefit whole neighborhoods. Their disaster assistance options thus cost more than residential solar panels.

Setting up solar panels is not as difficult as you would imagine. Nearly everything related to installing solar panels will be handled by your solar energy company. Your energy needs and the amount of sunshine that can reach your property will be taken into account before the firm begins developing your solar power system. Once the day for installation has been set, the solar firm will handle all logistics, from tools to workers. Finally, the company conducts a comprehensive examination to guarantee the highest level of quality.

The system's solar walls may extend automatically. As soon as 15 minutes have passed, it may be used. It consists of temporary structures that may be set up anywhere, such as command centers, hospitals, kitchens, and sleeping quarters.



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