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Best 10 VOIP Business Services

Voice over IP systems, simply as VoIP, dominate the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) telephone market. The dominance is not only because they are inexpensive. But also due to the flexibility they bring in businesses. VoIP can do anything that the old-fashioned PBX does, and it has numerous features and functions that are impossible with the traditional telephone system. We have compiled a detailed review of the ten best VoIP services to help businesses as they plan.

Last Updated July 2022

Vonage banner
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Price - Between $14.99 and $39.99
  • Application - Suitable for businesses that desire more features

Vonage is among the earliest VoIP providers in the industry, and over the past two decades, it has only worked to enhance its offerings. It offers a wholly unified communication platform for enterprises regardless of their sizes. It is an outstanding solution for all connection needs, from companies seeking a virtual receptionist to those attempting to professionalize their businesses. It provides an easy-to-use directory assistance tool, and users can connect multiple devices and work with flexibility

Vonage is known to provide outstanding features with flexible pricing. From customer service to privacy, collaboration and personalization, the service provider allows businesses to improve every aspect of their businesses in distinct ways. Its package includes critical features, such as call screening, caller ID blocking, do not disturb settings, spam shield and much more to ensure your teams are entirely in control over all incoming calls.

Moreover, users can control the flow of incoming calls with tools, such as call continuity, call hold, and car parking. Users can even opt for call recording, call waiting and call queues that render a professional edge to businesses.



Vonage logo
Ooma banner
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Price - From $19.95
  • Application - Suitable for Contract-free service

While Ooma is an excellent solution for any size business, it is desirable for small businesses because it offers advanced phone features at affordable pricing. Moreover, its setup comes with DIY videos and instructions to guide you in installing, and a technician will not be necessary.

Ooma is a seven-time, successive winner of the PCMag VoIP Business Choice award, which mirrors the greatness of the services it offers. Its cloud system is portable, easy to operate and learn together with 24/7 customer support. Whereas Ooma is an excellent solution for businesses of any size, it is desirable for small and mid-sized businesses because of the advanced phone feature it offers at relatively affordable pricing.

The VoIP service provider offers free unlimited calls anywhere in Mexico, the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Already, such an offer result in substantial savings for enterprises that spend a lot on phone bills. Additionally, it offers competitive rates for international calls.



Ooma logo
Dialpad banner
  • No. of users - Between 1 and 1,000
  • Price - $15 monthly per user
  • Application - Suitable for Small businesses desiring scalable solutions

The VoIP service provider offers an all-inclusive cloud-based solution appropriate for companies that have already implemented the cloud infrastructure and those planning to embrace the technology. The solution supports spam blocking, call routing, BYOD support, and enterprise-level capabilities, such as omnichannel support.



Dialpad logo
Nextiva banner
  • Users - Plans start from a single user package
  • Cost - Starts from $23.95 monthly
  • Most suitable for - Businesses that are growing and medium-sized businesses

Nextiva offers various communication services which work best for small businesses and large companies. It is a one-stop-shop for communication services, customer care management, sales and marketing, and market research needs. Nextiva is one of the top choices of communication business services because it tailor makes a communication program and plan that will enable your business to improve its communication efficiency, which in turn improves business efficiency.

Nextiva services have features that help build suitable business communications. Some of these are VoIP plans, a communication app, the Sales Pipeline CRM, and a small business solution with business solutions that come in a package.



Nextiva logo
Zoom Phone banner
  • No. of users - Single user and Beyond
  • Price - $10 monthly per user
  • Application - Businesses with low call volume

This service provides unlimited and pay-as-you-go calling plans for Canada and the U.S., and support unlimited domestic calling across forty counties while combining Zoom and VoIP video telephone conferencing platform.

Zoom Phone incorporates call recording, SMS messaging, and voicemail transcription—the service integrated with business software, such as Salesforce and Slack. Zoom Phone's plans include a single phone number, although users can add more numbers, routes and unlimited extensions.



Zoom Phone logo
OnSip banner
  • No. of users - Five
  • Price - $18.95
  • Application - Suitable for budget-conscious businesses

OnSIP is a renowned provider of communications for businesses regardless of their sizes. Some of its clients include Tumblr, Mozilla and Disqus. The service is top-rated among companies that embrace a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, making the app easy to use regardless of the device or operating system.

The service provider offers one of the most outstanding solutions for businesses with competitive pricing, numerous features, and flexible pricing and payment options. Users can exploit the robust admin portal to change and manage various features. One feature that makes the service so popular is its flexibility. Users can use desk phones solely if that is what their businesses entail. Alternatively, companies can use a softphone with the software you wish. OnSIP is also the most convenient way to combine both softphones and desk phones.

OnSIP comes with all the features that typical VoIP software has except group ring, personal attendant and voicemail. Furthermore, you can get premium features, such as third-party softphone integration, voicemail-to-email, and web-based PBX.



OnSip logo
Phone by Web banner
  • No. of users - Single user
  • Price - $14.99 monthly flat rate
  • Application - Suitable for business people and solopreneurs

Phone by is an outstanding tool for solopreneurs and business travelers that want multiple lines for personal use and business without the stress of carrying along with two devices. In addition, the app features a simple monthly pricing and multiple business tools, such as group messaging and call blocking.



Phone by Web logo
Ring Central banner
  • No. of users - Single User and Beyond
  • Price - from $19.99 monthly
  • Application - Suitable for Scaling businesses

RingCentral MVP is an ideal package of every user level, from single users to more than one hundred users. It provides unlimited device status reports and data storage. The provider's VoIP tools can incorporate dedicated hardware, such as Polycom and Cisco, and softphone solutions.



Ring Central logo
Jive banner
  • No. of users - Between 1 and 1,000
  • Price - $19.95 and $29.95
  • Application - Suitable for all-in-one solution

Jive is a user-friendly and fun business VoIP plan because of the features it brings to your company. With punchy text, a sleek app and some advanced features, the service unifies company communications in a more accessible, relaxed and fun way. In addition, it has over eighty features, and all come under a single monthly rate. Such offers are highly enticing and give businesses everything they need in a single app. Companies will not be forced to switch between providers searching for optimal use because Jive is comprehensive in its offerings.

Jive gives users complete control of their incoming calls. They can set up their calling rules and define when the business is closed or open to ensure that customer support is streamlined and that users get auto attendants during closed hours. Additionally, Jive has neat features, such as simultaneous paging to specific groups or all agents for a more tailored but still public communication.

Users can connect to team members using the conference badge and simultaneously communicate with as many as ten members. You can listen to business voicemail regardless of the location and use other collaboration tools to remain connected. If your company takes communication seriously, you can use Jive call logs, analytics and monitoring features to assess and inspect calls to enhance customer experience and modify members' techniques.

Jive has a custom greeting, local directory and dial-by-name directory to give your business a more professional feel. You can handle incoming calls more efficiently by using tools, such as shared line appearance, ring group, and presence monitoring.



Jive logo
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