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RingCentral MVP is an ideal package of every user level, from single users to more than one hundred users. It provides unlimited device status reports and data storage. The provider's VoIP tools can incorporate dedicated hardware, such as Polycom and Cisco, and softphone solutions.

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Ring Central Review

RingCentral MVP is an ideal package of every user level, from single users to more than one hundred users. It provides unlimited device status reports and data storage. The provider's VoIP tools can incorporate dedicated hardware, such as Polycom and Cisco, and softphone solutions.



Ring Central

Ringcentral – VOIP Review

In A Nutshell

Ringcentral has different cloud-based communications and solutions for businesses, including phone, video, messages, and contact center services. The global platform is designed to run and grow your business. They have extensive features like unlimited SMS, mobile integration, and PBX features. They have affordable prices, and you won't require a contract to access the services. Many businesses trust them because of their secure communications. You can get many business-related things done in one place. They are very flexible to your business needs as they grow.


  • Supports remote workforce
  • Free trial available
  • Easy to implement
  • Google, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce Outlook integration


  • Managing is time-consuming for some users


Ring Central offers free trials for three out of four plans. It's the best way to sample their services before you buy them. Their plans have competitive prices and are packed with business-friendly features. They vary depending on the amount of money you pay. Their basic plan, which is the cheapest, is the most used by businesses. But you can upgrade to other RingCentral plans if you want advanced features. These are the four plans from Ringcentral.

Plan price /mo. Users
Essentials $ 19.99 Maximum of 20 users
Standard $ 27.99 Video meetings of up to 100 participants
Premium $ 34.99 Video meetings of up to 200 participants
Ultimate $ 49.99 N/A

These plans have different features; you can check out the comparison on Ringcentral's website to see which one fits your business best. The premium plan is the best value for many because it has the most advanced features at an affordable price.

Extended Enterprises Support

RingCentral saw that an evolving enterprise needs a more involved approach to communication services, which is why they came up with extended enterprises support. Their needs are always fluctuating; they need a service that can easily adapt. Enterprise support is available 24/7, and it's meant to accommodate evolving businesses. It's one of the most attractive features of the company.

Your business gets a dedicated account manager to oversee all account and technical issues. There are constant notifications when a problem arises. Extensive problem solutions and troubleshooting are available with enterprise support. There are quarterly assessments with in-depth reports to help you make better business decisions. The support will ensure your business experiences less downtime. It's the best service if your business is coming up and trying to manage different locations and changing demands.


Toll-Free Numbers

RingCentral has available prefixes you can pick from when you want to configure affordable toll-free numbers. Getting a toll-free line with your company's name can be very beneficial. You can also configure local numbers from any of the 200 area codes globally.


Extension features include custom greetings, answering rules, email notifications, and advanced call forwarding. It can make your organization look established and big even when you are not. The clout can be a great marketing strategy as long as you don't overdo it.

Future Scaling

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) allows your business to be more technological savvy, especially with voice calls. RingCentral is filled with VOIP features to take your company forward. They include call escalations, call tress, virtual receptionist, fax integration, video conferencing, message alerts, call queues, and so much more. When you are anticipating vast growth, future scaling is essential.

Call Blocking and Delegation

The call blocking can send specific calls straight to voicemail. These declined or blocked numbers are the ones you are not interested in communicating with. Call delegation makes call transferring easy for business administrators. Presence is also an important call feature to have for your business.

Additional Features of Interest

RingCentral caters to businesses of all sizes; that is why they have many features. Some of the additional features that can interest you are Tier-1 network, developer platform, and free trial. The free trial is always a welcomed feature. It can ease your communication management troubles for a while as you prepare to pay for services.

Tier-1 ensures reliable, clearer, and quality services. The developer platform helps you build a custom app. You can customize the platform to integrate other systems into your business. They are not basic features, but they will make business operations smoother and seamless.


RingCentral phone services can help your business be more mobile. They have advanced forwarding options. If you are going out of the office for a while and leaving it unattended, RingCentral will forward your calls to you. Your clients won't even tell if you are in the office or not. With RingCentral's convenient app settings, options and features will be like carrying your business with you everywhere you go. FaxOut is also a useful mobile feature; it allows you to accept and send faxes from any device with an internet connection. The cloud-based system is convenient and always at the palm of your hands.

Ease of Setup and Management

The setup process is easy, but it will vary depending on whether you incorporate hardware or use the mobile app exclusively. Their visually-driven interface will make the setup and management even simpler. Some videos and tutorials come in handy at different stages.


RingCentral integrates with several devices and Bluetooth headsets. They have many VOIP phones in their catalog that are supported by the company's services. When you decide to go with their services, visit the website and check out the available headsets, cordless, and desktops.

Customer Service

Call 866-951-4575 when you have questions, especially about pricing. But before you do, ensure you go through the website because all the questions are answered there. The standard plan includes 24/7 support. There are chat options available to voice your concerns and questions, and they will be addressed.

About RingCentral

RingCentral is an award-winning and highly ranked cloud communication provider. They had nine hundred million in revenue last year, which shows the extend f success. They have a long list of awards, including Unified Communication Product of the year in 2018. Forbes has recognized them as a trustworthy company more than once over the years. They come in highly recommended by most established business consulting firms. RingCentral is based in California, but they own several subsidiary companies. The company is a true leader in terms of providing business solutions. With all their experience and recognition, it’s easy to entrust your business communications to them.

Bottom Line

RingCentral offers VoIP at its best. The way you handle business communications can detect the direction your business will take. The company offers advanced cloud-based communications at affordable rates. You will get call forwarding, auto-receptionist, toll-free numbers, extensions, call blocking, and parking services, among others. What's more, they have a free trial for new users. The trial period is a nice introduction to their services.