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The Best Walk in Tubs Services

Walk-in tubs have a distinct low-entry step thresholds that help the elderly to get in and out of the bath safely. The best walk-in tubs ship with additional safety features like grab bars, an anti-slip surface, LED lighting, ADA-compliant seat and more. Even better, most walk-in tubs provide relaxing elements like spa-standard hydrotherapy. We have analyze features and benefits of multiple brands, to help you choose the best walk-in tubs of 2022. Consequently, we look at the price rates, the style of comfort, safety components as we filter the best picks.

Last Updated September 2023

KOHLER Walk-In Bath banner

KOHLER Walk-In Bath

  • Best for - Advanced hydrotherapy
  • Estimated price range - From $8,000 to $16,000
  • Warranty period - Lifetime limited warranty
  • Therapy options - Whirlpool jets, Bubble-massage, Heated backrest
  • Top safety features - Handrails, textured surfaces, low-step, wide entrance

Designed for safety and comfort, KOHLER walk-in bath is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy advanced hydrotherapy features. You get a stylish design that fits your bathroom and makes entering and leaving the bathtub effortless. KOHLER walk-in bath is consider pricey, but it makes up with safe and comfort-giving features like fast-drain tech. What’s more, you get an industry-leading warranty with zero twists.

KOHLER walk-in bath sports standard dimensions of 52 x 28 x 39. Thankfully, the measurements can be adjusted during installation to fit the available space. Unfortunately, KOHLER provides its product prices via quotes only. According to them, they’re unable to publish specific price tags because all walk-in tubs have to be custom-fitted to the buyer’s bathroom. Good news, you can easily get a quote by calling one of their sales representative or fill out a request form on the website.



KOHLER Walk-In Bath logo
American Standard banner
  • Best for - Multiple quality products
  • Estimated price range - Averages between $5,000 and $16,000 at installation
  • Warranty period - Lifetime warranty
  • Therapy options - Includes all therapy options
  • Top safety features - Anti-scald control, grab-bars, chair-height seat

American Standard enjoys a rich history (decades) in the market and its walk-in tubs boast an impressive reputation. The company sells a range of walk-in tub models that they can customize to fit your bathroom space. You also get a lifetime warranty on its walk-in tub, installation and labor involved, making it a great solution to consider.

Its walk-in tubs models sport comparably reasonable prices. Moreover, the company is transparent with its installation rates, and doesn’t trick its clients with hidden fees. Worth noting, American Standard gives you the freedom to customize the walk-in tub of your choice. The company also sells the walk-in tubs in different styles and elegance – something that can spice up your bathroom décor.



American Standard logo
Walk-in Tubs Prices banner

Walk-in Tubs Prices

  • Best for - Customers who enjoy great price comparison when shopping
  • Estimated price range - Ranges from $6,000 to $8,000
  • Warranty period - Different for every contractor
  • Therapy options - Hydrotherapy, Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy
  • Top safety features - Non-slip floors, Stability hand bards, elevated seating

If you’re looking to purchase walk-in tubs and prefer great price quotes, Walk-in tub Prices is a great place to start. Walk-in tub Price is an online portal that gives consumers a one-stop-shop for all walk-in tub wants. Bear in mind that Walk-in tub Prices isn’t a contractor, but it offers an extensive network of local contractors who can estimate and install walk-in tubs in your apartment, or rental. The company’s system is simplified and convenient, meaning you can do everything online.

Worth noting, Walk-in Tub Prices doesn’t give you the actual prices on its website. Instead you’re required to fill out an application, get referred to a local contractor, talk to them directly and get the price quote. Therefore, we think this is not a tedious process, considering pretty much every online contractor will demand you speak representative directly to get a quote.



Walk-in Tubs Prices logo
Walk-in Bathtub Shop banner

Walk-in Bathtub Shop

  • Best for - Receiving multiple quotes quickly
  • Estimated price range - Ranges from $1,500 to $10,000 feature dependent
  • Warranty period - Issued by manufacturer or installer
  • Therapy options - Tubs ship with network professionals
  • Top safety features - Buyer can tailor the safety features they require

Walk-in Bathtub Shop is an excellent alternative if you want a service that can connect you to relevant walk-in tub providers. Being an online aggregator of walk-in tubs, the digital shop simplifies the tedious hassle of choosing the right product. Walk-in Bathtub Shop lets you enter the information, including bathtub type on the website form before they can send you quotes from the various providers.

According to the online aggregator, price rates of walk-in tubs start as low as $1,500 and can go up to $11,000 plus extra installation fee. Bear in mind that Walk-in Bathtub Shop doesn’t decide the price range of walk-in tubs. A simple online request is enough to get the estimates. Best part, Walk-in Bathtub Shop eliminates the risk of voiding your warranty as well as the hassle of overseeing the technical installation of the product in your bathroom.



Walk-in Bathtub Shop logo
Angi banner
  • Best for - Getting multiple local contractors
  • Estimated price range - Ranges from $2,500 to $10,000
  • Warranty period - Offered by manufacturer or installer
  • Therapy options - All categories of walk-in tubs available
  • Top safety features - Anti-slip, handrails, anti-scald

Angie’s List is another online shop that displays a ton of educational resources about home improvement. The website gives you the freedom to get local professional contractors, who can install your purchased walk-in tub. You’re, however, needed to enter details of what service you want before receiving instant quotes from different certified local professionals.

Walk-in tubs listed on Angie’s List are fitted with an array of safety features to help seniors and persons with disabilities stay safe. Furthermore, all products ship with closable entrance doors, low steps for easier entering and leaving the bathtub. Seniors also get extra security and comfort from the non-slip seats that can recline more for comfort. Choose products and services from Angie’s List and enjoy fast deliveries and vast network of contractors to meet your needs. Worth mentioning, all products listed on the online platform start at $2,500 and can go up to $10,000 depending on the features you want.



Angi logo
Home Advisor banner
  • Best for - Getting multiple quotes quickly
  • Estimated price range - Ranges from $1,500 to $10,000
  • Warranty period - Provided by manufacturer
  • Therapy options - All types of walk-in tubs available
  • Top safety features - Anti-slip, grab bars, anti-scald

Home Advisor is another great online platform that you can visit to get the best walk-in tubs products and pre-screened professionals from your region. The already certified pros help you get the right walk-in bathtub that can suit your home and needs. Unlike its competitors, Home Advisor gives you the average price rates of various bathtubs, and more information on the safety features and comfort you’ll get. You’re also free to request for free quotes and book installation from a wide network of contractors.

All walk-in tubs listed on Home Advisor start at $1,500 for basic tubs and rise up to $10,000 for larger bathtubs. The number of features you want will also determine the total cost and type of walk-in tub you’ll get. This is why Home Advisor makes available local professionals who can simplify the whole process and make installation effortless. The extra benefit is that you don’t risk ruining your product warranty by leaving it to certified professionals.



Home Advisor logo
Simple Home Quotes banner

Simple Home Quotes

  • Best for - Quotes for all home renovations
  • Estimated price range - Different with each provider
  • Warranty period - Varies by provider
  • Therapy options - Depends on the provider
  • Top safety features - Depends on the provider

Simple Home Quotes is an excellent platform that simplifies the process of getting quotes from local contractors. You answer a few queries about the walk-in tub you want and provide your contact details. Subsequently, Simple Home Quotes compiles up to three quotes from providers in your region and forwards it to you. As a result, it’s up to you to choose the right estimate that meets your budget and get going. The best part, you don’t get annoying calls from providers if you don’t choose either of them. Noteworthy, Simple Home quotes doesn’t charge a coin for the estimates you request. Furthermore, the company won’t ask your payment information.

The company partners with local contractors to give you the best estimates for your home walk-in tubs installation. Additionally, Simple Home Quotes doesn’t include limits on the type of walk-in tubs you can get. Simply consult with the suggested local contractors to settle on the best products that meets your needs. The price rates, features and warranty types you’ll get from Simple Home Quotes will vary with the brands you’ll settle for.



Simple Home Quotes logo
BOCA Walk-in Tubs banner
  • Best for - Therapy upgrades and a built-in features
  • Estimated price range - Customized rates
  • Warranty period - Lifetime warranty
  • Therapy options - Chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, hydro-jet therapy
  • Top safety features - Grip bars, low step threshold, quick drain, slip-resistant surfaces

BOCA is an industry-trusted brand that fields a range of walk-in tubs that offer the best therapy options. BOCA walk-in tubs is a great choice if you want to enjoy therapy upgrades, a lifetime warranty, and more best-in-class built-in features. Additionally, BOCA walk-in bathtubs are also popular for their lowest step threshold of less than 2.

BOCA lets you customize your walk-in tub with various features, colors, sizes and designs. Subsequently, we think that BOCA is the leader based off its installation techniques. The company uses upper marine-grade gel coating and fiberglass to increase longevity of the walk-in tubs. The main downside of purchasing BOCA walk-in tubs is that you don’t get the purchasing price upfront. You can only get the rates after you’ve specified the requirements of the tub you’re after.



BOCA Walk-in Tubs logo
Bath Fitter banner
  • Best for - Measuring bathtub liners
  • Estimated price range - Starts at $6,000 to $8,000 inclusive of installation
  • Warranty period - Active as depending that you own a home
  • Therapy options - Custom design varies and dependent on your needs
  • Top safety features - Inclusive of all safety features

Bath Fitter is a popular North American contractor of acrylic bathtubs with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. The company has tremendous expertise in selling and installing walk-in tubs, making it the best in the industry. Enjoy no-strings attached service on purchasing, and installation of the walk-in tubs.

Bath Fitter walk in tubs has the ability to retrofit the new components without necessarily doing away with the old parts. This trick can help you save extra costs that you’ll otherwise incur if you had to buy a new walk-in tub. You also have the freedom to add any feature you needs, such as grab bars, shower seats and more. Prices averages from $6,000 right up to $8,000 depending on the features, size, design and type you want. Bath Fitter walk-in tubs are tailored to allow seniors to get in and out of the tub conveniently, thanks to its low step threshold. There’s also get anti-slip seats and surfaces that better protect the elderly and persons with disabilities.



Bath Fitter logo
BCI Acrylic banner
  • Best for - Acrylic walk-in tubs
  • Estimated price range - Starts at $2,500 to $10,000
  • Warranty period - Lifetime warranty
  • Therapy options - Air jets, water
  • Top safety features - Anti-slip, handrails, handled showerhead

BCI Acrylic came into service in 1999 and has since manufactured top-rated acrylic walk-in tubs in the industry. BCI Acrylic is determined to promote bathing independency, thanks to its high quality walk-in tubs at reasonable prices and installation. When you choose BCI Acrylic walk-in tubs you get stylish, quality and a lifetime warranty on commercial product. Call/message the company using the contact information on the website to get customized price rates.

Unfortunately, BCI Acrylic doesn’t sell directly to consumers, as such, they connect you to a pre-screened local pro for free consultation. Walk-in tubs from BCI Acrylic ship with multiple safety features and provide simplified access and low-risk going wrong. Individuals with stalled movement can enjoy the low step threshold feature. Top of the list, BCI Acrylic tubs are fitted with chair-level seats, handrails, grab bars, handheld shower heads and an anti-slip surface.



BCI Acrylic logo
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