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Top 4 Wide Format Printers

Wide-format printers enable you to print large format documents. A wide format printer will produce high-quality, high-resolution prints on various materials, including paper and fabric of different textures and thicknesses. They will also print fast and have great output. Below are some of the best options for wide-format printing.

Last Updated July 2024

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  • Price - $749
  • Print Size - 24 inches
  • Print resolution - 2,400 dpi

The Epson SureColor is a great wide format printer because of features like its ability to plug and play, its ability to connect through WiFi and wired internet connections, and comfortably accommodating large paper for wide printing.



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  • Price - $5,995
  • Print Size - 26 inches
  • Print resolution - 2,400 x 1,200 optimized dpi

The HP Designjet can produce exceptional prints if you are looking for precision, resulting in high-quality printouts. You can use the printer with different paper sizes and paper of different textures and other materials like canvas and adhesive. You can connect to the printer from mobile devices through WiFi or wired internet connectivity.



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  • Price - $60,000 to $70,000
  • Print Size - 64 inches
  • Print resolution - 1,800 dpi

The Colorado 1650 uses UVgel technology to produce excellent quality prints. It can print up to 64 inches of materials and is best for outdoor signage. It comes with six different printing speeds that use ink efficiently. It has a self-regulatory mechanism that the printer uses to find and fix nozzle failures automatically.



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  • Price - $749
  • Print Size - 24 inches
  • Print resolution - 2,400 dpi

The Roland Texart is a dynamic printer that can print materials of different sizes and forms. It can print materials from 10 inches to 64 inches. It has a large variety of colors, making it a great option for printing textiles since it creates eye-catching prints. It is designed for dye-sublimation transfer printing, mostly for textiles, and it produces high-quality prints on paper and fabric. It also can print quite fast.



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