Comparison411 logo's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system It's become a must-have for both average businesses and startups. Startups because it provides them with everything they need to manage their relationships in one place. It includes email marketing automation tools like Nuzzel for staying up on industry trends without doing all this tedious research yourself! hero Review's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system It's become a must-have for both average businesses and startups. Startups because it provides them with everything they need to manage their relationships in one place. It includes email marketing automation tools like Nuzzel for staying up on industry trends without doing all this tedious research yourself! is a company that makes it easy to manage your pipeline and grow as an entrepreneur with its simple yet powerful tools. Tools such as the ability for you to capture lead details in one central spot or prioritize customers. This is by assigning them individual tasks based on what's best suited for them while also tracking sales progress reports to see how much more work needs to be done going forward!

One of the reasons why this CRM software has been so popular is because it allows for collaboration. Thanks to its Kanban view, teams can Put their research in one central location, and sharing information may be why Wix and other industry leaders like Philips prefer it as a go-to solution!

This software is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with your team on projects and communicate more efficiently across departments! With over 20 services that integrate into each other, there's no need for busy employees or clients alike not to take advantage of all it offers them. Whether they're working from home after surgery; traveling abroad where email access may be limited by protocol (or just too darn slow)


Cons Review 2022 is an online management tool for collaborating your teams’ daily operations. Streamline all sales and marketing pipelines, track leads, and a pool of other benefits. is available for small, medium and enterprise-level companies., previously Dapulse, is an-award winning collaboration and cloud-based platform. The easy-to-use platform includes creating blocks-like apps and work-force management software. Moreover, helps teams to plan and execute complex projects and deliver timely nm results. promises a collaborative space to accommodate operations like aligning your sales leads, running a versatile CRM, building a powerful marketing campaign infrastructure, or create a project management tracker. As such you team benefits by staying agile, efficient, and remain aligned in every operation they engage.

At Glance

| Best For | Small, and medium businesses as well as enterprise-level companies | | ----------------- | ------------- | | **Used for** | Collaborative apps, work force management, lead tracking | | **Price rates** | Basic plan starts at $8 a seat per month | | **Free trial** | 14 days |
## Features and Tools

Tools available to Sales Teams

The advanced collaboration software for offers specific tools for sales groups. This is an added advantage to the sales team that desperately need collaboration to complete sales target.

For instance, you can use to assign proven leads to specific sales agents to follow up, store useful user information in a single place. This trick helps other sales personnel to stay informed, and to ensure they don’t surpass set-deadlines. Unfortunately, doesn’t offer advanced sales automation tools, such as site visitor tracking, social media insights, and automatic lead scoring – a setback we feel they should fix.

Here’re some of the actions available to sales teams:

  • Prioritize leads
  • Manage sales pipelines
  • Merger customer information in one place
  • Create working sales workflow
  • Embed digital forms that collect user data and redirect it to your workflow.

Tools available to Customer Service Teams also offers your customer service powerful features that ensure all customer requests tended. also boosts the interactions with your valued customers.

Tools available to Marketing Teams

Thanks to, marketing teams can easily plan marketing campaigns, track product leads, collaborate on email campaigns, and organize funnels. Unfortunately, marketing teams can’t automate several tasks like monitor marketing campaigns, track/analyze profit and losses, or follow up on mass emails.

Customization and Integrations simplifies how you can customize and integrate your dashboards. For instance, you can easily change the layout or color by adding/removing rows, columns and tasks. You can equally integrate your dashboard with third-party systems like Slack, DropBox, Adobe Suite, Google Drive, and more. However, adding external systems and software will cost you an extra buck. To be specific, charges an extra $10 per employee per month on its standard plan. The plan accommodates up to 250 actions every month for integrations. However, if this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the Pro plan that costs $16 per person per month and gives you 25,000 actions a month.

Reporting and Dashboards invests its design on visuals. As such, you can easily flip between Kanban, timeline, map view, chart view, calendar, reports, and the dashboard in general. Additionally, some plans allow you to get multiple dashboards that give you the freedom to customize the layout that you desire.

Worth mentioning, you can only generate reports based on what you instruct the software to give you. compatibility with platforms and devices is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. You also get mobile apps for both Android and iPhones. The mobile apps allow you to access the dashboard from anywhere, even when you’re out of the office.

Plans and Pricing

At the time of this review, offers four paid packages and a free version. All plans share the base features and capabilities. However, features and benefits increase if you choose higher paid plans.

This review looks at how the various plan stack up against each other. We look at the various features and benefit as we try to decide the best plan to subscribe to. Let’s take a look:

  • The Individual plan: this is a recent addition, and it doesn’t cost a dime. The plan is free ‘forever’ and suits users who want to keep track of their individual work. You get unlimited boards, unlimited documentation, 20 plus column types an over 200 templates. The free plan supports a maximum of two members at once. You can access the platform via its mobile apps.

  • The Basic plan: it goes for $8 per user per; per month, and is billed at $24 every 12 months. This is an ideal package for small businesses as it lets you manage your team’s work in a single place. You get all features in the individual plan plus striking features like unlimited viewers, unlimited items, and up to 5GB storage. You also qualify for prioritized customer support.

  • The Standard plan: it goes for $10 per seat per month and is billed at $30 annually. Overall, this is the most popular plan as it lets you collaborate and maximize on your team’s operations. To state the obvious, you get all benefits from the basic package. You also get a ton of other exciting capabilities like timeline and Gantt chart views, calendar, up to 250 actions for integrations a month. And if you don’t want to give certain users login details, the Standard plan allows you to give guest access to freelancers.

  • The Pro plan: Costs $16 per employee, a month; billed annually at $48. The plan lets you streamline and oversee your teams’ heavy workflows. You automatically qualify for all the features from the standard plan. Additionally, you get striking features like a chart view, time tracking, a formula column, up to 25,000 automated actions for integrations every month and a dependency column. Lastly, also gives you 10 different boards to help you customize the dashboard to your liking.

  • The Enterprise plan: This is the highest plan you can get from and it doesn’t have a standard price rate listed. As such you have to contact the company’s customer service to get a price quote – and this is after you give them scale specifications. The plan is perfect for enterprise-level companies. The plan gives special benefits , including all pro plan features, multi-level permissions, advanced records and reports, up to 50 boards to build a dashboard, enterprise-level automations and integrations as well as tailored onboarding procedures. You also qualify for premium customer support that is available 24/7.

Noteworthy, apart from the Enterprise plan, offers a risk-free 14-day free trial on all its paid plans. This is sufficient time to try the service before you can make up your mind. And if you decide to cancel your subscription after some time, won’t tie you to any hidden fees or tricks.

Set up and Ease of Use is an understandably easy-to-use platform, albeit its complex range of actions and features. Not to worry, the company provides sufficient customer support to walk you through any difficulty you might encounter. offers a vast knowledgebase system that includes articles, on-demand guides, videos and webinars that you can use. Additionally, all the documentation is also available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, and Russian. This is because the is available around the world – a big plus against its competitors. You also get a lot of freedom to customize and play around with a couple of actions for an improved experience.

Customer Support is available in multiple countries globally, and it means that the service has to be available in varying time-zones. As a result, provides a dedicated 24/7 customer service via various avenues. For instance, there’s a free live chat tool that connects you to actual human agents. They are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and they can get you out of any problem related to the dashboard. You also get an email ticketing system, and a vast knowledgebase database, including FAQs, on-demand guides, articles, video tutorials, and webinars.


  • Risk-free 14-day free trial
  • Fairly easy customizable dashboards
  • Automatic onboarding feature
  • Mobile apps
  • Modern user interface
  • Easily customizable boards
  • Automation and integrations
  • Numerous templates


  • Complex pricing structure
  • Lacks automated marketing and sales tools

Bottom Line does a great job in helping small to large-scale businesses collaborate the daily operations of its departmental teams. The online platform streamlines sales and marketing pipelines and simplifies the workflows as well providing a single-point storage for customer data. now offers a free plan for individual use who lack a proper budget. Moreover, customers can also try the service, thanks to its risk-free 14-day free trail on all paid plans, bar the enterprise plan. Try, and enjoy the thrill of collaborating multiple teams in your organization.