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Best POS Systems In The Industry

The days of using traditional cash registers are outdated. Today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems are flexible and incorporate plenty of unbelievable features. Ultimately, you want this system to streamline your business and benefits customers. The abilities included in modern POS systems are seemingly boundless. These systems can help retailers manage their inventory, manage refunds, process payments, process returns, track reorder levels, track employee sales, generate reports for analyzing the business performance, and a lot more. Whether you want to buy a brand-new POS software or upgrade the existing one for your business, this review will help you find the best POS system. Although there are countless POS systems in the market, here are the top 7:

Last Updated October 2023

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  • Ordering - It incorporates an easy-to-use interface for tableside ordering. Pop-up modifiers prompt users to upsell right away and send the order to any printer installed in the business.
  • Dining room management - From the system’s table management and floor plan interface, you can set up the whole restaurant floor plan and assign sections to employees. Also, you can easily view dining room availability.
  • Employee management - The POS flaunts a clock-in/clock-out feature to let you track the number of hours that employees worked.
  • Customer relationship management - You can create a database of customers who frequently come to your business and keep track of their preferred orders.
  • Menu management - You can directly create and modify your menu from the POS.
  • Inventory management - With Touch Bistro, you can create items, track ingredients, receive unit of measure and cost data, which helps in determining the ingredient-level food expenses.
  • Reports and analytics - It contains more than 50 reports that help you discover your company’s performance.

Touch Bistro is an industry-specific POS system that fits full-service bars, restaurants, clubs, breweries, food trucks, drink businesses, and quick-service restaurants. Its intuitive design and innovative software make it rank as one of the best on this list.

Over the past few years, the developer has included incredible reporting and in-house inventory features to make it modern. Developed for any business with a menu, this POS software exclusively runs on iPads synchronized via a local network.



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Toast banner
  • Front end functionalities - These include table management and mapping, send tickets automatically to kitchen display, real-time client feedback collection, and send order notifications.
  • Payment Processing - It contains several contactless solutions like online menus, self-order kiosks, mobile ordering and payments, mobile wallet and tap payments, and QR codes.
  • Back-office reporting - Toast provides comprehensive menu management comprising recipe costing, ingredient-level tracking, payroll administration, cost of goods reports, and sales performance data. Note, you get all these reports in real-time.
  • Employee management - It comes with automated payroll, employee scheduling, easy to use hiring module, and detailed labor reports.
  • Online ordering and delivery - You can integrate Toast with a suitable online ordering system.

Toast POS majorly suits the food service industry. This software packs front-end features, such as menu management, table mapping, and real-time feedback collection. Back-end features comprise inventory tracking and kitchen displays. It also flaunts delivery and online ordering features, alongside payroll tools and other valuable features.



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Revel banner
  • Purchase order module - Besides letting you sell your items, Revel manages inventory that arrives. It helps you manage partial purchase orders and finalize them once the action is complete.
  • Real-time inventory - Adding and managing inventory via this POS is easy as you only need the price and item. It contains a style matrix for ease of mass entry.
  • Smart reporting feature - The system’s reports are pervasive and easy to read. Some of the reports you can find include sales summaries, transaction details, total voids, available and used gift cards, PLU report, exchanged and refunded items, total credit transactions, employee performance reports, and a lot more.
  • Till management - All cash management features are accessible from the manager selection settings button.
  • Delivery management - Track your orders and deliveries in real-time from the system. Revel stores client information and order history.
  • Gift cards and loyalty - The software is compatible with various gift card companies to offer you options. You can even customize the program in the manner that you want to reward your consumers.

Armed with stunning back-end features, Revel POS majorly suits the restaurant industry, but the developer has designed it in a way that it currently fits retailers too. The system has excellent customer management that allows you to configure extensive marketing and email campaigns. It is also a versatile system that lets businesses manage their staff efficiently.



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Upserve banner
  • CRM and Marketing - You can create customer profiles to help you view their order history and visit. This feature also lets you create a filtered customer list for targeted promotions. Quickly generate a loyalty program that identifies customer payment cards.
  • Reporting - View typical sales, product mix, labor, market, daily logs, profit and loss, reputation management, and other common reports. The premium plan allows custom reporting, menu insights, server insights, and recipe pricing.
  • Ingredient management - One-click purchase ordering, scanner app for carrying out in-app stock count, automatic purchase order receiving, and automatic inventory management that tracks in real-time.
  • Employee management - Real-time labor cost alerts, customizable tip pooling, and clock-in controls.

Upserve is a restaurant-based system intended to run as an all-inclusive platform for POS, inventory client management, payment processing, online ordering, marketing, reporting, and employee management.

The tablet-based software is unbelievably easy to use, while the browser-based platform gives back-end users a comprehensive inventory and other detailed functionalities.



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Clover banner
  • Inventory - You can describe products with variants, options or even organize them into categories for ease of access.
  • App market - This feature gives you access to several apps that can enhance your personal or business experience within the POS.
  • Loyalty - You can customize your loyalty plan to let clients accumulate loyalty benefits that they can redeem later.
  • Customer management - It lets you collect client data during sale. Afterward, you can look up customers by date and name.
  • Gift cards - Clover is unmatched when it comes to gift cards, and they can brand both physical and digital cards to fit your business.
  • Inbuilt product exchanges - The capability to exchange products is simple and comes with the system.

Clover is a versatile and solid all-inclusive POS with many features that let you sell within minutes. While the bespoke Android hardware is reasonably pricey, mastering the included interface is effortless. You can quickly assign roles and permissions to users.

It incorporates an advanced inventory module that allows easy labeling and sorting, and bulk importing. On the other hand, the reporting feature is dependable, and you can export or view it directly with a few clicks.



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