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The teeth whitening kit from SmileDirectClub has excellent reviews. The kit contains a whitening serum that is enamel-safe and an LED light applicator that works together to make your teeth whiter. The light and serum are of dentist grade effectiveness and are similar to the treatment given at the dentist.

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SmileDirectClub Review

The teeth whitening kit from SmileDirectClub has excellent reviews. The kit contains a whitening serum that is enamel-safe and an LED light applicator that works together to make your teeth whiter. The light and serum are of dentist grade effectiveness and are similar to the treatment given at the dentist.

The serum and the LED light work together to remove the stains and clean up the teeth. The results are getting your teeth whiter up to nine shades better than they were, and the results happen within a pretty short time. The whitening will last for up to six months. It costs $45 to get the serum that will last for one year.





Smile direct club was founded in 2014; it's a well-established teledentistry company in the USA. The founders wanted to provide convenient and affordable premium oral care. Since 2014, they have helped over a million people with different oral issues. They focus on teeth cleaning, whitening, and straightening. Their LED teeth whitening kits are very popular because they are fast and effective.


  • It works three times faster than other alternatives like whitening strips
  • It’s cheaper than a professional treatment but has the same benefits
  • The teeth will be three shades whiter
  • It doesn’t cause teeth sensitivity


  • You have to wait twenty minutes after using it before you eat.

SmileDirectClub at A Glance

  • Price: Starts at $ 17 depending on the type of kit
  • Treatment duration: One week, with results lasting up to six months
  • Money-back guarantee: None
  • LED technology: Yes, LED whitening kits are available

Best For

The smile Direct Club teeth whitening kits contain everything that can whiten all kinds of stains. It’s aggressive without causing any damages to your teeth. You can get rid of the stubborn stains that have been accumulating on your teeth for years. The kits use a dentist-trusted enamel-safe formula that successfully helps you get nine shades of whiter teeth, especially the one-year kit. Even when you brush and floss every day like it's recommended, life can still hinder the concept of having a white smile. The kit will clean stains from:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Sauces
  • Tea
  • Smoking
  • Berries
  • Chocolate

How Does It Work?

You will receive the whitening kit you ordered with instructions on what to do. These instructions vary depending on the kit. However, the LED kits have similar instructions. These are the steps to follow with the whitening treatment.

  • Ensure you start by brushing your teeth; it helps the teeth whitening absorb better. Do not rinse your mouth before you apply the gel.
  • Use the pro-whitening gel on your top and bottom teeth. Dispense more gel if you need it until the teeth are covered.
  • Take the LED accelerator and plug it into the USB port or phone. Bite down on it gently and pull your lips over the accelerator mouthpiece. Use the light while there is still gel on your mouth. Keep it for five to ten minutes.
  • If you are using your phone, ensure it's charged at least 50%, and it should also remain in active mode. This will ensure you get complete treatment.
  • Spit out any excess foam after the five or ten minutes are u but don’t rinse your mouth. The whitening will continue to absorb even after you remove the accelerator. You should also avoid eating for twenty minutes.
  • Clean your accelerator after every treatment session. Repeat the same process twice every day for a week.

What Sets SmileDirectClub Apart?

One thing the company has been able to achieve is fast results. In a few days, you will have nine shades of whiter teeth that will stay white for up to six months. You won't have to wait for a long time before you start noticing results. There is a lot of evidence from the customers showing how effective the whitening kits are. You will also experience low or no sensitivity while using the treatment kit.

SmileDirectClub uses both LED and whitening serum in one treatment which is not something most oral care facilities do. That means the kits are double effective. The LED lights make the serum work faster and more effectively. That is why you can have results after a few days of using the kit. Their treatments are the same quality as the ones you will find at the dentist but are cheaper.

You will enjoy your white teeth for six months. That is such a long time compared to other whitening methods. If you buy two kits, the results can go for a full year.


SmileDirectClub has almost seven different kinds of kits. They range from $ 17 to $ 67 for single pay. The $ 17 2.5ml touch-up pen is the cheapest option. These are favorable prices for teeth whitening, especially when you compare them to the dentist's in-office consultations. There are always discounts you can take advantage of. If you get 60% less, you can get the best whitening kit at a very low price. Ensure you view the website to see all the kits and the different costs. They also have convenient monthly payments on various treatments without any credit checks.

What You Get

Depending on the kit you choose, you will get anything from three to nine shades of white teeth. The least expensive kit will give you a bright boost. If you need a full whitening treatment, get the one-year kit that offers up to nine shades of whiter teeth.

You will know what you are getting when you read the kit's directions and ingredients. Most of the kits use LED lights; you will get an accelerator powered by a phone and a pro-whitening gel. There is a kit with cool mint flavor, no-mess brush applicator, and 20-LED light; it's the most expensive one out of the seven options. What you get will vary depending on the kit you choose.


There is no money-back guarantee if the whitening kit fails to work. However, that doesn't mean the kits are not effective. If online reviews are anything to go by, the kits have helped thousands of people. You can see the before and after pictures if you need physical proof before buying the whitening kit.

Customer Service

SmileDirectClub has a phone number (1-00-848-7566) you can contact if you need help or have any questions 24/7. But most of the questions are already answered in the FAQs section. You can also start a lie chat through the website or email them by filling out the online contact form.

Bottom Line

SmileDirectClub whitening kits have a great reputation and amazing reviews online from people who have used them. It is recommended for people who want to see results in a week. You use the kits twice every day for seven days and get white teeth that last up to six months. They have pricing for everyone but if you want to enjoy free shipping, get a kit that is beyond $ 50. You don’t have to schedule regular visits to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and whitened. You can do it from your home.