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Best Veteran Affairs Loans

Veterans Administration (VA) loans are available to qualified service members and do not need a large down payment or PMI. They also have more favorable interest rates than standard mortgages. However, certain guidelines must be followed to get a VA loan. Here are some of the best VA loans service providers to consider:

Last Updated June 2024

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  • Best For - Simplified VA loan application process
  • Rating - Subject to individual satisfaction

The Veterans Administration is mandated to regulate VA loans, thus narrowing the product offering window. However, Quicken Loans offers a number of VA loan types, including rate and term refinance, Jumbo loans, cash-in and cash-out refinance, and purchase loans.

The loan application process involves much paperwork. Interestingly, Quicken will always help you throughout the entire process, including documentation tracking. The company also ensures that clients meet all the qualifications before authorizing a VA loan.

The company allows clients to make online applications through email, phone, or chat. Clients are guaranteed a quick pre-qualification period, with feedback given within fourteen days of receiving an application.

Unlike other lending companies, Quicken has a quicker VA loan approval time of forty-six days on average. The company offers a smooth, easy online application for its loans. Additionally, it also has reliable customer service.



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  • Best For - Streamlined VA loan application
  • Rating - Varies depending on user experiences

One of the best things about applying for a mortgage with Rocket Mortgage, an internet lender, is how simple the procedure is. Rocket Mortgage's webpage and mobile app allow you to complete all your documentation online and monitor every stage of the loan processing; however, your specific encounter can differ. Rocket Mortgage has many avenues of contact, including a live chat feature and mobile app messaging, in case you prefer not to talk to a human.

Rocket Mortgage may not have the largest selection of loans, but they deal with all the main VA loans, and they will look at applications with credit scores as low as 580 and debt-to-income ratios as high as 60%.



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AmeriSave  banner
  • Best For - Diverse VA loan product offerings
  • Rating - Varies by customer satisfaction

Amerisave is a lending company offering standard mortgage products through a simple online application process. The company is reputable for its intuitive application process and quick closings.

Amerisave offers an array of home refinancing options and home loans. Some offered loans include jumbo, conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, and Fannie Mae 3% down payment loans.

The company offers both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. Fixed-rate loans have a mortgage term of fifteen or thirty years. However, Amerisave also offers 25, 30, and 10- year loans. Adjustable rate loans have a fixed period of five to ten years, after which the rate increases annually.

Amerisave does not offer a home equity line of credits or home equity loans.



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New American Funding

  • Best For - Competitive VA loan options
  • Rating - Depends on specific circumstances

New American Funding is a private mortgage lending company that offers a variety of loan products like VA loans. The company does not require clients to have private mortgage insurance (PMI) and down payments to access the VA mortgage loans. Additionally, clients can roll the refinancing and funding fees into the loan to reduce upfront cash requirements.

New American Funding allows self-employed veterans to use their tax returns or bank statements to access loans. The company has a short closing period of fourteen business days for qualifying loans.

Consequently, New American Funding offers clients whose loans exceed the 14-day closing period a $250 credit boost. The company offers limited online information concerning its credit requirements and fees.

However, New American Funding Company operates in all states except Hawaii. The company also offers in-person branch services limited to thirty-two states.



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